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Full Version: The Order of Miles Christi
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Does anyone in Fish Eaters-Land have any information on the order Miles Christi?
I have heard mixed things about them - on one hand, they appear to
be solid in their orthodoxy, but on the other, they have nothing to do with
the TLM.  A young woman that I know went to a Day of Recollection
sponsored by the them, and said she thought they were a little too
pre-occupied with money. Also, last year on Rorate Caeli, I recall someone
had posted that they  were under investigation. Any insights would be appreciated.
By their web site it looks like they say the Mass ad orientem.
they are by me, they are "based" unofficially off of the jesuits if you will (hence the name) and do a lot of ignatian retreats and other stuff aimed at college students

they've been doing Novus Order ad orientem with latin for years, and now with the mp i assume Tridentine too
Off topic: kindly I ask You to tell me: what is this:

Hey guys,

The post mentioning something about "investigation" is confusing Miles Christi with Miles Iesu. They are two completely different groups. Miles Iesu is, indeed, under investigation from Rome.

This post from Angelqueen's moderator on this other link can help. Lepanto.

On July 30, 2010, Rorate Caeli mentioned and posted a report on the secular institute Miles Jesu not the religious order Miles Christi: "First the Legion, now the Miles Jesu" (, summarized as follows in the Catholic Herald of London:

Miles Jesu founder dismissed for ‘totally unacceptable’ behaviour
By Anna Arco on Thursday, 29 July 2010
The founder of Miles Jesu was removed from office because of “serious mental and physical health problems”, it was announced today.

Fr Alfonso Durán, who founded the ecclesial family in 1964, stepped down as superior general of Miles Jesu in 2007 because of mental and physical problems, Fr Barry Fischer, the priest appointed to reform Miles Jesu, said on the institute’s website today.

Fr Durán is well-known for promoting the Path to Rome conferences, which brought together prominent Catholic converts. One of the conferences took place in Britain in 1999.

After Fr Durán’s removal, 13 members of the institute asked for an investigation into irregular practices. Cardinal Camillo Ruini appointed Fr Anthony McSweeny to conduct an Apostolic Visitation which brought to light “a number of irregularities and questionable practices”.

In 2009 Cardinal Agostino Vallini appointed Fr Fischer to act as Commissary for Miles Jesu and write a new constitution “which defines the charism, spirituality, and apostolic nature of the Institute; to develop adequate vocational discernment and formation policies (ratio formationis); to review the financial policies, and in general to completely revise all its practices and customs”.

Fr Fischer said that in the 17 months he had been working with Miles Jesu “it has become clear and undeniable, that the founder, Fr Alfonso Durán, presented erratic behaviours that were totally beyond the scope of the powers given to him”.

He said that the structures of the institute facilitated Fr Duran’s behaviour, which “was totally unacceptable” and was not “supportable in any way by a healthy sense of consecrated life”.

He said: “Some members have identified wounds caused by the inappropriate exercise of authority under his leadership. The mistaken sense of allegiance and obedience instilled in the membership facilitated his behavior, which was totally unacceptable and not in accord with the discipline of the Church nor supportable in any way by a healthy sense of consecrated life.

“Members who challenged his actions or behavior were often ostracized. The internal discipline and customs of the Institute provided protection for the Founder. It must be said in justice, that most of the members had no idea of the improper conduct of the Founder. Some of the allegations against Fr. Duran are hearsay and have not been verified. However, many are factual. It is important for all that the truth be disclosed, which is the reason for this public statement.”

Fr Fischer said that members were reviewing the customs and practices of the institute with a particular focus on “developing new government structures ensuring the proper exercise of authority and promoting an active participation and co-responsibility of the members in the life of the Institute”.

Stephen Ryan, who was a member of Miles Jesu for 22 years, said: “Fr Fischer reached out to former members of Miles Jesu to bring the truth to light and he should be commended for this. I trust and hope he undertands how essential it is he continue to do so. Knowing and assimilating the fullness of truth is an ongoing process, essential for a better future, as he says.

“We are all entitled to a better future and this public apology by Fr Fischer on behalf of the Church and Miles Jesu is an essential and healing step. It is not, however, the last step. I would like to think His Eminence, Cardinal Agostino Vallini, accompanies us as well and that we also have a right to a future. I believe there are many who may suffer for years to come, and they should not just be forgotten or put to the side because they are no longer official ‘members’ of Miles Jesu. They too are brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, and deserve the Church’s support. Their love of God and their desire to serve Him can be judged to be no less than that which Fr Fischer praises in those members who chose to remain.

“There are those in the Institute who will need much healing as well. There is no monopoly on suffering, both for former and current members. A true sign of healing will be that day when former and current Miles Jesu members might come together in Christian charity, look each other in the eye and say: ‘I forgive you, my brother. I forgive you, my sister.’ I, for one, am willing to take that step.”

Miles Jesu has community houses of celibate members in the United States, India, Spain, Nigeria, Italy, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Poland and Slovakia. The General House is in Rome.
The Priests of Miles Christi are truly  humble, selfless and devoted to their mission. They are very orthodox and traditional. They preach silent Ignatian retreats throughout the country. Their formation is solid and lasts about 12 years. Their retreats, as every other activity of Miles Christi, are entirely according to the Magisterium of the Church.  Their love for Our Blessed Mother and the Eucharist along with their spiritual depth is clearly evident, especially while preaching their retreats. I have friends who have worked for Miles Christi for several years, and they have only expressed positive opinions about them and what they do. Numerous individuals and families have been transformed by attending their retreats or through spiritual direction. I, along with my friends, have attended several retreats and Days of Recollection; and I have NEVER heard anyone mention anything about the priests having a preoccupation with money. Saying that donations are welcome does not equate to being preoccupied with money, even a little. There are many, many orders that ask for money. Miles Christi is a growing order with needs, as are many apostolates. I can think of many Catholic apostolates that ask for money, including EWTN. These priests are much more concerned with quality than quantity. Their generosity, at times, seems to be supernatural. There are few of them, yet they have been able to help countless souls. They  have been well-formed and are experts at what they do.  I suggest that anyone who really wants to know what Miles Christi is about should attend one of their silent retreats or events and see for themselves.

Good, holy priests can be found in ALL orders.

In the evening of life, we shall be judged on love alone.
~St. John of the Cross