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I often have to pray the Rosary alone because of DH's work schedule but I hate praying alone so I've been looking through YouTube for some good videos to pray with. It's been tough finding one without tacky pictures and/or music but I finally came across this website that I really like and want to share for those in similar situations. It's calm, the music and pictures are much more subdued and traditional, and it's designed for participation so there's a pause after the speaker leads giving you time to answer.

They have the Rosary, Stations, Litany of Our Lady and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

Everything is available in Latin, English, Spanish, Italian, Gaelic, Tagalog, Polish and Portuguese.

For the mothers, I've found this makes it so much easier to get 15 decades in while working throughout the day. Because they are leading, you can work and meditate/answer without being distracted by trying to count. And DS loves it! He gets upset when it's over. Throwing a fit - not good. But what can you say when it's because he wants to say another Rosary?  Angel

They are on YouTube and have a direct link where the prayers can also be downloaded.

Wow, that is great thanks for posting it. bookmarking it.
Thanx for posting this!