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Full Version: Gettin' attacked for havin' kids...
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Okay, so the story goes like this.  I'm the kind of guy who likes to ask for call here at the hospital where I work. 

I was asking for some call, when a co-worker near me said: "Hey, it was YOUR choice to start having kids.  That's no one else's fault but YOURS."

Now...nowhere in the conversation had I mentioned that I am having money problems (I'm not), or that I am having trouble supporting my family (I'm not).  It never entered the picture.  This lady came out of nowhere with that statement. 

It has upset me greatly.

First, to suddenly attack me for asking for call.  Second, to base the attack on the idea that I am having children.  As if children are a disease.  A mistake.  A liability.  A bad investment.  As if she were subtly ostracizing me.  'Oh, how dare you have children.'  She knows that I am a Catholic, and that I believe contraception is wrong, and that a married couple's duty is to have the children that God gives them.  And I believe she wants to attack that--subtly--when she can.

I'm pretty mad now.  I think that, if that kind of a scenario happens again, I will state this:

"How dare you try to call me out for being a family man.  As if that is a bad and unvirtuous choice, and a poor decision.  If you try to call me out for my Catholic belief in the institution of family again, I will make a formal complaint with upper management that you are discriminating on my family values and my religion, and I will fill out a form on you."

Thoughts, folks? 

What would you do?  What shall we Catholics do, as we are singled out more and more each day for simply supporting family? 
Does she have a supervisor? An HR dept at the hospital? You could report that she "made inappropriate comments about my sex life". Well, she did.
The culture we're in hates children.  It's a combination of factors, really.  I think the most obvious factor is that they are short-sighted.  People don't think long-term.  
They see children only as liabilities because they don't understand that children become adults.  They don't understand that each child is a positive benefit to society and to the family.
They seem unaware that they themselves were children at one time.
I don't understand the first two sentences.
Also, what is call?
I'm not sure what asking for a call means, but I absolutely agree that this type of behavior needs to be addressed.  Catholics roll over too easily for this.  Women and I assume men get crap all the time about having a large family, as if they should be ashamed of putting such a burden on the world.  You should all stand up with pride when you're having another child or making another sacrifice for your blessings.  Be proud to be Catholics!  If someone doesn't like it, too bad for them.  They don't know what they are missing.  Easier said than done, but until we restore proper Catholic pride we lose souls that could be won for Our Lord.  Life is seen as just another Catholic burden that nobody wants.
(07-31-2011, 07:09 PM)Louis_Martin Wrote: [ -> ]Also, what is call?

Call is like overtime. 

Let's say the hospital department you are in needs an extra hand.  They look at the list to see who is on the "call schedule."  If they need you, and you're on the call list, they call you in to work that night. 

For simply being available on the call list, you get an extra 2 bucks for every hour you are on call.  So, if you are on call for 8 hours, you get 16 dollars. 

But, let's say the DO call you in, then you are doing overtime work, and you are making time-and-a-half.

So, it is to the advantage of someone trying to earn a little extra money to grab "call time" when he can.
So your coworker assumes that you wanting to work overtime is due to money troubles caused by your having a higher than average amount of children?

But then it's also less time to spend with family, possibly.  Do they understand the flip side?

It sounds like they're just angry about life in general.  A lot of people envy large families on a basic level.  Some instinct kicks in and they realize they are under-performing from an evolutionary point of view.  Your family represents everything you believe in, but also that belief existing in the future.  People who are angry about your children are angry about your beliefs surviving the test of time.

Also, you should bring it up with them. Ask them why they are opposed to you having children.
(07-31-2011, 07:22 PM)Servire Deo Wrote: [ -> ]So your coworker assumes that you wanting to work overtime is due to money troubles caused by your having a higher than average amount of children?

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