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Full Version: large families
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Over the years, I developed stock answers:

Q: When are you going to stop?
A: When we make an ugly one.

Q: Why don't you get your husband fixed?
A: If it ain't broken, don't fix it.

Q: Haven't you found out what's causing it?
A: Yes, and we've decided to stop sharing toothbrushes right away!

Q: Don't you have a TV?
A: You prefer television?

Q: Don't you know you are a drain on the State's resources?
A: Hubby works, and I'm raising a bunch of workers who will pay for YOUR PENSION.

and so on, but the cheekiest one, which gets my cheekiest response, has to be:

Q: Were they all planned?
A: Tell me, which method of contraception, if any, did you use last time you had sex? (well they more or less just asked me that!)
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