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Full Version: Adoration for the layperson?
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A local N.O. Catholic Church has a 24-hour Adoration chapel (with the Eucharist exposed in a monstrance).  It's a small room with kneelers - seats 6 people.  I've been participating in this - volunteering for hours for the past 4 years, since my conversion (from fundamentalism).  I had no qualms about this when I was a Novus Ordo Catholic - in fact, this time has been one of the highlights of my week.

But now I've "converted" to Traditional Catholicism (FSSP parish), and am having second thoughts about my participation in this local Adoration chapel.  Laypeople (in our FSSP parish) approach the altar rail to receive the Eucharist, but we do not enter the Sanctuary - we maintain a respectful distance and worship in the nave of the Church.  So, is it appropriate for me to approach the Lord so "intimately" in this prayer chapel?  Is this going beyond the bounds of respect?

As I read the Old Testament, the temple had appropriate areas for Gentiles, women and children, etc.  The Holy of Holies (where the Lord dwelt) was restricted, and the priest entered but once per year - and only after careful preparation.  In our prayer chapel, I get the feeling that I (an ordinary layperson) have entered into the Holy of Holies  -which is not my place.  It just doesn't feel appropriate anymore.

Would appreciate your comments -  Thanks!
Eucharistic adoration is a beautiful practice. What you have been doing the last several years is commendable, and I would encourage you to continue.
Absolutely nothing wrong with what you're doing. There's a very busy church in my city that has adoration all day. The Church is extremely liberal, and I'd avoid attending Mass there, but often visit the church before or after work to spend some time in front of Our Lord.

I think it is wise of you to be vigilant about giving the True Presence less than your most reverent attitude, but remember that in the Gospels Our Lord often invites ordinary sinners like you and me to come to Him. Christ's sacrifice has opened the gate to a closer relationship with God than was possible in Old Testament times and if our hearts are meek and humble, we should approach Him trusting that a repentant heart will not offend.

I find it very humbling when I have spent time in Adoration in a very small chapel, and I've noticed that others around me are intensely respectful, with very slow, low (head to floor often as not) genuflections and appear to remain on their knees as long as they can. I have never seen behavior in tiny chapels that seems offensive in the least. I would thank Him for coming to be with us so intimately and ask Him to make us always grateful for it, then you should put your heart at ease.

It is great that you have such a sense of awe towards the Blessed Sacrament, tomch.  It is a gift from God.

I don't think it is a good idea to model our behaviour on the Old Testament too much.  The point of the New Testament is that God overcame the distance between God and man by becoming incarnate in Jesus Christ.  He is Emmanuel, God with us.  The miracle of transubstantiation happens due to God's love for us and His desire to be close to us. He is calling us to intimacy.  

It is difficult to get the right balance between reverence and intimacy.  You can probably think of examples of people going too far to one side or the other. But Eucharistic Adoration is well-established in the teaching and traditions of the Church.  It is a practice that maintains the right balance and you can do it without concern.
Thank you, one and all!  I truly appreciate your feedback.
I agree with the posters above. Consider yourself blessed to have the opportunity. Some of us aren't so lucky! Smile
(08-06-2011, 10:39 AM)Resurrexi Wrote: [ -> ]Eucharistic adoration is a beautiful practice. What you have been doing the last several years is commendable, and I would encourage you to continue.

Perfect answer.  You are so fortunate....
These are the most beautiful responses I've ever read on FE. Beautiful. I have nothing to add.