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Full Version: Favourite part of the Mass
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Mine are the last gospel, the Credo, and the fraction of the host. I also like the prayer at the foot of the altar that begins Send forth thy light and thy truth..

What is your favourite part of the Mass and why?
The transubstantiation.  I know that God does this miracle out of His love for us.
The consecration.
Hopefully I'm not being a stick-in-the-mud by saying I've always thought of the mass as an indivisible whole.  I really can't think of a part I "like" more than another.  I do miss the second confiteor if the servers/priest leave it out.  But I'd probably think the same for any other parts, "medieval accretions" or not.
I love the whole Mass but I'd have to say Holy Communion.
When the credo is finished. Then its time to get onto the meat and potatoes, as it were.
Excluding the obviousness of the Blessed Sacrament,  the prayers at the foot of the altar.  It's the most active part of the Mass for a server Big Grin!
Outside of the the obvious consecration and reception of Holy Communion, it would be a sung preface at High Mass.
Aside from the Consecration, mine are actually the prayers at the foot of the altar-- the Confiteor, Indulgentiam, and Pslam 84:7, in my sig line.
On a totally superficial level and to my liking very much, it's singing the Gloria. On a deeper level I can agree with all here pretty much.

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