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Full Version: Watch the beautiful Tridentine Mass
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[Image: quiet_mass.gif]

[Image: n5605547_33585760_868.jpg]

*Watch em on Youtube

Traditional Mass of the Sacred Heart

Tridentine Votive mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary


You'll feel the sacredness of the presence of Christ in the mass. And the gregorian chants are just beautiful.

[Image: gmi1450GregChant.jpg]

In the tridentine mass, they use gregorian chants, or sacred music. That's the original tradition of the catholic church, the richness, there is

Gregorian chants on youtube:

[Image: 08_06_04_baptism02.JPG]

The sacraments used to be in traditional rites too
Child Baptism traditional rite

Adult Baptism traditional rite


May the name of Jesus be glorified, praised, and loved by all men now and for eternity.
Listen to Gregorian Chants Mp3