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Full Version: International Theological Institute
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Anyone familiar with the International Theological Institute located outside Vienna? I know their chancellor is Card. Schonborn, so I'm a little weary. However, their main emphasis is marriage and family, and treating NFP as a contraceptive aside, I tend to think NOers don't teach anything much different than Trads in that area, so maybe it's a good place? Anyone know? They have a big emphasis on the Eastern rites too, which I like.

Thanks for ze insight fishies.
I would be very wary of anything coming out of Austria these days. Cardinal Schoeborn who was supposed to be a close ally of Joseph Ratzinger (Now Pope) has really gone off the boards and as a result the chaotic situation in Austria is out of control . I also loooked at the faculty and there is a special ecumenical professor which is a warning to watch out.