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Full Version: Actress, 13, comes back from the dead after last rites priest uses Holy Water
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Quote:A teenage girl who doctors believed was going to die has been hailed a real-life miracle - after she came back to life when a priest put holy water on her head.

Child actor Lucy Hussey-Bergonzi, 13, collapsed from a brain haemorrhage just days after filming a walk-on part in 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince'.

Lucy, of Hackney, East London, was rushed to hospital and had been kept alive by life support machines for five days when her parents were told she wouldn't make it.

Her collapse was triggered by a rare condition Lucy had carried since birth called Arteriovenous malformation (AVM), a cluster of abnormal blood vessels that remain undetected until they burst.

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Her "Catholic" parents had her "baptised" at 13.

At first I thought this was just bad journalism and they were using  the word "baptism" in a metaphorical sense like "baptism of fire".

But actually it seems from her mothers comments that this was her baptism.

Catholicism 2.0 is an absolute joke.  Many of the adherents know as much about truth, faith and morals as I know about knitting patterns.
Better late than never i say!!