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Full Version: Incredible interview about SSPX
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Has anyone read this interview of the Italy District Superior, Fr. Davide Pagliarani:

THIS IS A MUST READ: it covers many important topics and says many things that probably should have been said years ago; this will certainly be an historic SSPX interview!
Thanks for sharing, RP.

Quote:The twentieth anniversary of the death of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre occurred in 2011. At a distance of two decades this figure continues to spark debate, and it even seems that with the passage of time he arouses more and more interest in ecclesial and cultural circles. To what do we owe, in your opinion, this “second youth” of a prelate whom many had dismissed as old and anachronistic?

Archbishop Lefebvre embodied something imperishable: the Tradition of the Church, and if there was a bishop in whom Tradition never ceased to be “living” (if I may use the expression), it was certainly the “rebel” bishop. For example, the one prelate who never stopped celebrating publicly in the traditional rite, which was then mistakenly considered abrogated and banned, was the founder of the Society of St. Pius X: he did not merely hand on to new generations a printed, dusty missal, but preserved and transmitted a real, living treasure which is present every day on the altar, with which he was totally and personally involved.

If someone truly begins to realize that the crisis in the Church is rooted and manifested above all in a crisis of the priesthood and of the liturgy, it is inevitable that one will refer to the man who spent all his energies to save both.

Therefore it is inevitable that if one speaks about the Tridentine Mass or Tradition, even the most reluctant critic will be forced to speak about him, if only to distance himself from him and thus to certify his own political correctness.

But anyone who speaks about him, for good or for ill, cannot do so without speaking about a Tradition which, far from being “Lefebvrite”, is simply and forever Catholic.

Fantastic article.  Marcel Lefebvre, ora pro nobis!
Vetus Ordo,

Most welcome; it's unfortunate that this important interview is not gathering more interest on the Internet amongst trads - it really should be a "hot topic"!!!