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Full Version: Any FSSP or ICRSS seminarians?
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I'm interested in finding more out about the curriculum of trad seminaries. Would any of you happen to have any information about what texts are used to teach Latin, philosophy, and theology? Alternatively, does anyone know where information about the curricula of trad seminaries is posted on the internet?

Here is the index page for Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary (FSSP). If you scroll down, there is an overview of what the curriculum looks like as well as some of the works covered. It's not exhaustive in the least, but if you want that kind of information I would suggest contacting the seminary and asking someone over there for a list of works that are covered in a particular field.
The seminarians of the FSSP study  the writings of St. Alphonse Liguori, and take an intensive course in confession...which explains why they are so ardent in that liturgical aspect. They also study polyphony and gregorian chant, which I think is wonderful.  ;)

Now I get to ask.....why?
I have friends in both seminaries and could inquiry details if you would like.
The Most Holy Trinity Seminary in Florida outlines it's curriculum in great detail, including the textbooks used, on this website:

They're unaffiliated sedevacantists, and it seems like they have an almost entirely Thomistic curriculum.