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Full Version: Catholic Priests Forgiving Abortion At World Youth Day Confessionals
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If you're thinking "So what?" you may be as uninformed as I was.

[b]Catholic priests have been empowered to forgive the sin of abortion during this week’s World Youth Day festivities in Madrid, Spain. Church officials have ordered that any individual at the event who confesses to having had an abortion — a sin normally punished by excommunic
I think it's because abortion incurs latae sententiae, which can normally only be lifted by the person' bishop. The bishop, however, can allow priests to lift excommunications incurred by those procuring an abortion. In my diocese, the bishop has given this authority to priests. So if someone in the Diocese of Arlington obtains an abortion, this can be normally forgiven in normal confession with a priest.

There are (I believe) eight sins that automatically incur excommunication and abortion is one of them. I think the others have to do with violating the seal of confession and throwing away the Eucharist.
Desecration of the Eucharist is another one of those sins.
One can only hope that people know abortion is a sin they need to confess.
(08-20-2011, 09:29 AM)DesperatelySeeking Wrote: [ -> ]One can only hope that people know abortion is a sin they need to confess.

And that priests know whether they have the authority to absolve the sin and lift the excommunication or not. 

In another thread, people are debating whether being absolved for an abortion by an SSPX priest counts.  I would say "No" because the SSPX aren't given the faculties by the diocesan bishop and because not all diocesan priests have the authority to absolve that particular sin.  But I don't feel like getting into that argument.  A long-banned poster is back (spotted in another thread)  and no doubt ready to tell us that only the SSPX does things properly!

People who've been involved in abortions -- and that would include paying for them, driving a woman to the abortionist's office, possibly even working for a "pro-choice" group, should contact their bishop for advice on being absolved and restored to full communion with the Church.

The Archbishop there in Madrid has given this permission so that all the visiting priests from all over the world may have the faculties to absolve this sin. With 1.2 million abortions (about, that we know of), there is a hhigh percentage of Catholic women committing this sin.  Golly, it breaks my heart to see a rosary hanging from a rear view mirrow pulling into the abortion mill.

After the fact, we pray for healing and forgiveness and reconciliation but even so, the knowledge of the child lost will remain with the mother forever. (and father perhaps, etc)