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Full Version: The Catholic Church is now in the bondage of debt
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Allied Irish Bank behind pay-outs for four U.S. dioceses in 2007

Loans signed off by bank's headquarters in Dublin 

Lawyers brand AIB the banking arm of the Vatican

Please don't pay attention to the trash on the right side of this link to an interesting article in the Daily Mail. 

Wonder if this bank and it's available funds had anything to do with the Celtic Tiger?

No suprise
pay outs  had to come from someplace
True, the payouts had to come from somewhere, but the article also points out that certain dioceses may have been favored over others.

And I believe there is a connection between these shennanigans and our so-called Tax Exempt status in our partnership with the IRS and the U.S. Government.

For instance there is a write-off available right there. But the interest on the debt cannot be written down against "income". I have been writing about this in another thread.

But, I believe there is a darker connection behind this debt and being beholden to government. I shall have to think on this awhile.

The obvious conclusion is that the Church now has two masters; government and bankers.

What a mess.
Perhaps Adam it goes back to Cardinal Marcinkus. Their was a Frontline White Paper Expose way back about the FBI investigating the Vatican. The Monsignor on the hot seat was an old friend of my family, but if you can find the video, it could start you on the trail of the money.

All the finances of the pre-Vatican 2 church are running out. What a fraud these propenents of the changes were!