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Full Version: Gospel of Mary Magdalene
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So it's that time of year again where school starts.  I signed up for this history class which covers early civilization to 1500.  Because I need history credits and it was the only one left.  I will tell you right off I am considering dropping the class for reasons mentioned shortly- although it may be too late and my financial aid and everything else is already in place and the first day of class was today.  Anyhow

The teacher is a serious liberal- he isn't grading on an average or really anything at all.  since what everyone gets out of history is subjective he'll just grade us according to the content of what we got out of the material and our own personal insights.  He said he wouldn't give us grades at all if they allowed him to.  He doesn't care if you hand in work late, he won't dock any points.  He said try to make it to class but if you don't you "won't have your hand slapped"  Reminds me of a really bad NO priest that simply "wants us all to get along."

He was able to get off some real gems about how the bible "borrows" everything from somewhere else and how we shouldn't even trust his own teaching (this much I agree on) because since he's him and we're us, his view is distorted.  no shit. 

Anyhow I'm required to read the Gospel of Mary of Magdala: Jesus and the First Woman Apostle by Karen King.  And if I take the class I will read it.  I actually started reading the introduction and couldn't stomach past the first page. 

What I'm looking for is if any fishies are well versed in this historical text and the controversies surrounding it?  Before now I was aware of it's existence but never bothered to look into it because I have Faith in the infallibility of the Church and have never been one for conspiracy theories.  In essence, it would seem the text is perceived to portray Christ's sacrifice as not essential to salvation but as some door that opens a world of spiritual understanding.  It's even alluded to in the book as some early "lost" form of Christianity.  No doubtedly I'm sure if I keep reading I'll learn that the church hid the texts because they knew these texts held the "truth to all" and couldn't handle having women as priests.  >sad

Basically I would like the truth on this matter- links would be helpful.  If my teacher is being honest that we'll be graded on our own personal insights in the readings then I want to have something to combat this pile of shit with.

Thanks in advance!
The Gospel of Mary is a gnostic gospel written during the second century.  In a sense it is a lost form of Christianity,  albeit a heretical form. The church did suppress it as its a heretical document.  In fact there are many gnostic gospels from this period. It can be a good reminder that the church did not just begin dealing with problems in 1962. 

I wouldn't be worried about being exposed to it, since you are probably aware the church has long grappled with heresy.  And I wouldn't worry too much about a liberal professor, since realistically 99% of professors will be liberal.  I would worry about you professor's professionalism.  When a professor says he doesn't believe in grades that scares me. That means he really has no standards.  A liberal professor who has standards will usually give a good grade to a conservative student that deserves it.  A professor that doesn't believe in grades...who knows what the hell he will do.  I would switch courses for that reason. 

Professors who say they don't believe in grades always turn out to be bad news.  I would take my chances with a Marxist professor that believes in grades before taking a Trad Catholic Professor that doesn't believe in grades. 
Also is your friend.  Always read up on professors and talk to other people before you sign up for a course. It will make your collegiate studies much more enjoyable and educational. 
I wish I were deft and sober enough in college to be able to intelligently debate wayward professors. If you find yourself in the moral cesspool of Marxism with this guy, pray to Blessed Mary, and defend her.

So know one knows anything about it?
Noone1066 just gave a pretty impressive synapse of it.
(08-22-2011, 06:06 PM)Heinrich Wrote: [ -> ]Noone1066 just gave a pretty impressive synapse of it.

I was more interested if anyone has an logistical historical information on it.  Like maybe who wrote it? 
Ah. I guess you'll have to ask the professor.
(08-22-2011, 06:18 PM)Heinrich Wrote: [ -> ]Ah. I guess you'll have to ask the professor.

Kind of what I'm trying to avoid and why I made the thread...  sad
Hopefully he doesn’t base the grade on his feelings. All i know about the gospel of Mary Magdalene is that it was harped upon the book Davinci’s Code....nuff said in my opinion.
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