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Full Version: Is Michael Voris a legitimate voice?
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Perhaps this has been touched on before, but I just can't help but notice today.

I'm watching Voris' "No Bull in Madrid" talk.  And a fact comes to my mind.  At the head of the vanguard of the Catholics' army, as we charge against the world that is being taken over by Lucifer--at the head is Michael Voris.  It is a former newscaster who is leading this charge.  Not a pope, bishop, or priest.  But a media guy. 

Is this right?  Proper?  Is the man in his proper place?  Does he speak with proper authority?  Would he be allowed to speak like this at the height of the Church? 

Don't get me wrong, I like Voris.  But...he's a former media guy who preaches much like protestant youth group ministers when I was a baptist.  And he's preaching on matters of faith and culture. 

I dunno.  Has this been asked before?
(08-22-2011, 05:45 PM)LaramieHirsch Wrote: [ -> ]Is this right?  Proper?  Is the man in his proper place?  Does he speak with proper authority?  Would he be allowed to speak like this at the height of the Church? 

Those questions don't really matter. It's inevitable.

Besides, I don't see any bishops picking up where Fulton Sheen left off.
As far as credentials he has a stb. Secondly, though it would be preferable to have a whole bunch of amazing, vocal priests at the head, leading us, clearly that is not the case. There are some great priests, but they are such a small minority. In times of crisis, God uses whoever He needs to get the job done. It may not always be the usual choice, but the outcome is the same. Examples would be St. Joan D'Arc, Queen Isabella of Spain, Queen Mary I, etc. (Sorry, I can only think of females at the moment).

As a lay person, or I suppose anyone, they must be on guard as to not become a cult unto themselves. I don't see this as the case with Voris. Honestly, I will take the truth from whatever source I can find it. There is so little to be had, esp. in the media.
If a man tells the truth to a crowd it doesn't really matter if he's a bishop or a layman.

Certain things require a particular ordination.  Telling the truth and exposing lies doesn't.

We only think it's weird because it is a layman doing this, not a bishop.  And it shouldn't have to be that way and it isn't like there aren't good bishops and the like- but it is what it is.

What authority should we need to speak about the faith?
(08-22-2011, 06:20 PM)HotRod Wrote: [ -> ]What authority should we need to speak about the faith?

None, as long as we're preaching it as it's been truthfully preached to us.
I wish Voris no ill. But experience tells me that these lay apostolates have a tendency to collapse under their own weight. Seen it happen before especially where a person's ambition exceeds their talent.
If Bishops were acting like Bishops being fearless and zealous preaching to the secular media and people in their diocese there would be no need of a Michael Voris. By the way I would like to see a diocesan bishop call a news conference assemble all the big media outlets in their diocese and go on TV and tell the ausience EENS (Outside the Church, No Salvation) and invite those who want to save their souls to come to his churches. Bishops just have to preach and teach whats needed for Salvation , they can't drag the unwilling in , they must come on their own free will.
First, you have bishops and priests who have forgotten, or abandoned, or were never taught the art of preaching from pulpits. Some are simply not gifted with preaching. Many priests simply aren't charismatic. Protestant preachers were way ahead of us in using the media to evangelize and they had good practice with all those tent revivals. They turned preaching into show business before show business was invented. Priests shouldn't do that. All they need to do is preach the truth from the pulpit and let God work His grace. If they are going to appear on television, however, they've got to be slightly entertaining, or at least have entertaining guests. This is the way media works.

Since the 1950s we have been constantly amused by television, and television personalities know how to amuse us. When you have someone like Voris (or Raymond Arroyo) whose background is in media, they are going to use those same gimmicky tricks of the trade when marketing the Faith. They come across as salesmen or politicians or showmen. I had a big vent thread about this a few months ago. They have to get the viewers “worked up” or they'll lose ratings and donors. Sometimes their act is so polished and professional I feel like I'm watching a Catholic version of 60 minutes, OR, when I listen to Catholic radio, I can often hear the announcer break into his old disk jockey voice like he's back to spinning records again. It's a mingling of the sacred and profane and it's disturbing – yes, disturbing to hear a radio host talking about “The Saint of the Day” while Seinfeld-like music be-bops in the background. Voris has the same cheesy music, by the way. 

Bishop Sheen used a lot of drama and he had charisma, but somehow it was still different. Maybe because Sheen stuck to teaching the Faith and didn't resort to pointing fingers at other bishops and putting them in their place (even though they were his peers). Maybe because he had a Cardinal to answer to at the end of the day. Who is Voris answering to? I'm not saying he's compromising the Truth. But he's using untraditional tactics, not to mention that sarcastic shtick. Then he claims to be “REAL Catholic TV” – as opposed to anything else out there you might see. I don't have an answer, though. Sorry for the vent.
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