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Full Version: Wearing Rosary as necklace.
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At a local Mexican restaurant here in NE Oklahoma, there a young Hispanic waiter who wears what looks to be an all silver rosary around his neck and outside the collar of his shirt.  A beautiful rosary, but I can't see any instance of wearing a rosary like costume jewelry would be appropriate...
(08-24-2011, 05:53 PM)devotedknuckles Wrote: [ -> ]I like having mine visible. But it's down my leg from my belt to my k ee when I walk it walks with me bouncing about
I also he my two scapulars too many times they pop out from u der my shirt and it doesn't mater to me
people give ne a loom I just ask if they have a Fu++in plm
no one does
anyway I use the oppurrunity ro engage people in the faith I wouldn't have otherwise

As brave as DK is here I can only imagine him if a hostile tried to rip off his rosary...I can only imagine.
It is a good way to engage someone in conversation about the true faith.
Embrace the oppurtunities to evangalize

the rosary i wear is hand made hemp rope with large beads.
id easy rap it around the fuckers neck and choke till some one saved him.
most likely giving him a few tips of the faith as he choked
never been attacked or grabbed at for me rosary
about 2 weeks ago a fag did pinch my ass though,  and that came close to settin me off
queer was the only one behind me in line and
i tuned thinkin it was the usual lassies and instead it was this  weirdo creepo smiling at me


told em to try it again and see what happens (in language not suitable here) and he didn't. almsot tossed me cup o joe in his face.
but the lassies working the counter were laughing their ass off thus i kinda got the hint

i think it was a set up cuz
i usually pinch the starbucks lassies bums every once in a while if i get a chance or if  they deserve it so.................
i doubt it was a coincidence
dk can I quote that in my sig?
sure lad
:laughing:  who needs a tv for entertainment.
(08-25-2011, 12:14 AM)mikemac Wrote: [ -> ]:laughing:  who needs a tv for entertainment.

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