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Full Version: Wearing Rosary as necklace.
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How would a lay person wear a rosary on their belt?  Without damaging it and other such things? 
i use one of those steanless steall water bottle hook. or something similer. ive used and tested a few kinds.
i hook it to the belt strap of my pants the rosary is on it.
this makes for perfect mobility when i pray it as the rosary is free of hinderence as u pray and nothing snags it.
so technically its not off my belt. but it depends if im wearing a thin belt it is.sip
[Image: Water-Bottle-Belt-Clip.jpg]

And that doesn't get caught like on a chair or a fence or a pooch or?... 
really does it get caught. its a rosary. maybe 3 times I've snagged it big deal u feel a tug.
its either a lass or your rosary is snagged u stop. deal with the plm and get on with it. that pic doesn't do how i use it justice. my c hook is smaller. but its nothing really. actually its more annoying digging your pocket or bag for your rosary then just always having it there and when I'm walking. its almost always without deception being prayed in my hand so snagging it never really is a big deal.
try it.  it works for me. before i used it this way i would just do what monks do. just loop it under your belt and when u need it u take it ut. but i found i prefer to have it on the c hook so  i can draw it quick when i need to without any hindrance of motion. u can say the entire rosary with it on the c hook if your walking.
works perfect for me. I've used like this in the bush. along the tundra of Hudson's bay and in cities.
so far no plms. again on the rare occasion i snag it i easily handle it. no big deal
but i also use very strong rosaries. strong enough to chock a heretic,
gentle enough to heal a sinner
laus will be here ina  day so I'm sure he can report on dks rosary draw method
every weapon needs to be easily deployable.
the Rosary is no exception
It's pretty common here in Melbourne. I see people wearing Rosary beads almost every day that I go into the central business district. My sister even asked me if she could borrow mine so that she could wear them as a necklace because apparently it's trendy now.

Rofl.  Strong enough to kill a heretic.  Haha.  Thanks dk.  I'm gonna give it a go.  I have some hooks and I have a belt.

I need to now just make the rosary I've been wanting to make....  A stronger replica of the one my parents got me for first Communion.  Had that thing for....    15 years now, only really used it the last six or seven.
it works perfect. thing is u always have its presence. so when your sitting u know its there and move it accordingly. its muscle memory for me. as in the Martial arts in hakama u need to learn to move a certain way so on and so forth. not so  much with this. but it does keep it always right there. when i sit i make sure i have it in my hand first. when i stand same thing to prevent snagging. its no biggy and the benefit out weighs the little u need to handle it.
its always there. always being used.
works fine. now
ascetically sure the c hookisnt the prettiest wee device
but al well ill rig up something more medieval when i get the time
It's a hemp rosary, did you say?
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