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Full Version: Book of Destiny
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Has anyone read The Book of Destiny by Father Kramer? What is your opinion about this book?
I have read parts of it.  It is an excellent work.
I liked what I read, so far. But I perused near the end, and saw that Fr. Kramer believes in the thousand years after the Antichrist before Gog and Magog arise. It seems to me to be the error of millenarism (or however you spell it).
I read it and thought it was great. I really liked the line by line explanations and how he compares the early Fathers with more recent interpretations. I also liked the explanations of the Greek.
Keep reading. I don't think it ends up milleniaristic (not sure about the spelling either) if you follow it through.
I saw his explanation of the 1000 years, and he said that it was after the Antichrist, not before. He says that the martyrs will reign with Christ for 1000 years, and then Gog and Magog will be the last attack. I think that is millenarianism.