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Full Version: Why priests became priests if they were not serious?
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I read about the thread about liturgical abuses and been wondering about that too. It pains me a lot, to go to sunday mass and see so many liturgical abuses, if not by the priest... which in my case is rare, but by the laity. The lack of instruction and catholic education thereof. The only thing that bugs me about the priest is that he allows.... and being permissive of such things without warning them or instructing them that they are wrong and being irreverent to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and the eucharist.

I want to ask.... Why does a priest become a priest if he doesn't intend to do his job right and to be responsible before God for the flock he's entrusted with.

Doesn't he know the big responsibility he has before God???

Doesn't he have the fear of God,,,, at all???

And I'm not talking about one priest, but *many* priests,,,,

What motivates them to become a priest? For sure it is not money nor popularity..... they have none of those

And to be honest to be a lukewarm priest who gives two or three masses or confer the sacraments lukewarmly is the most boring job I know!!

Why are they interested?

I am not saying that the sacraments are not valid..... The sacraments are real treasure from Christ


if performed with lack of faith, it can be rather boring, especially with the new rites we are introduced after Vatican II, it is no longer traditional rite and most of the vernacular words and prayers invented are just redundant and not efficacious.

I seldom see ONE holy priest.................

But we need priests otherwise there would be no baptism, eucharist, confession and there can be no salvation.

But I am saddened by the condition of the priests today

Can anyone shed a light??

I have met one sacrilegious priest who taught self help thing during mass.... and invent his own prayers especially during mass

Why does he become a priest???
the short answer would be "to destroy the Church from within" either consciously or subconsciously
The world, not just priests are infected with this diseae. In Church for us it sticks out like a neon sign. It is everywhere. We are depraved, and God's wrath waxes.

(09-11-2011, 06:49 AM)Spooky Wrote: [ -> ]the short answer would be "to destroy the Church from within" either consciously or subconsciously

That's illogical!

Priests take 10 years of study ... why would they destroy the church?

Most of them are just lukewarm and unfaithful...

The questions is just, if they are unfaithful to God in the first place, why do they become priests??

Bella Dodd, who returned to the Faith because of + Fulton J. Sheen, was a commie. She said in the 50's that they had already placed over a thousand men in seminaries. Their only purpose was to destroy the Church.During the Ambrosian Bank Scandal there was a list of over 125 churchmen in the Vatican which were Freemasons, and if you google you can find it. There is much more like the Lavendar Mafia, and Liberation theology, but Pope John Paul II warned us at Fatima. He departed from the prepared tex tof his homily and said we are in the time of Apocalypse 12: 3 and 4. That is a full one third of the Clergy are in league with the Devil, and will be swept out in formal schism.

Yes there are priests that try to destroy The Church from within.

There are other priests that are just lukewarm opportunists. Some priests from Africa are like this. They see becoming a priest as a cool job that gets them out of their poverty. St. Augustine said of priests functioning with false vocations "Follow the shepherd, tolerate the hirelings." Because, while they're not as good as the real shepherds, the hirelings do their job. They administer sacraments. Some even do an ok job at preaching the gospel. And, in some cases, this is better than having no one around to do these things.
It's like we are in a World War. Now is the time to stick to the tried and true, to save your soul, and like in War time be an opportunist and take a meal and rest where you can.

I wouldn't say there isn't good pay involved for a diocesan priest either . . .

Here in Northern Colorado, the pastor makes $1900 ballpark a month with housing paid for by the parish and full benefits covered by the diocese.  That's not a bad deal, especially when you consider that the new rectory at one parish is going to be a $750,000 residence with 5 private apartments.  Admittedly, a man won't get rich that way but he has few real expenses and he's living in a far nicer house than I am.  His salary won't cover my monthly bills but then again, he doesn't have to pay the mortgage, pay for household maintenance, and his utilities and other basics are already covered.

How does that compare with say the FSSP? (I give this example only because I happen to know the details for comparison.) Well, the FSSP parish in Denver has two priests who are paid by the diocese.  Of their paycheck (which matches the example above), they receive $400 a month each and the rest goes to the FSSP.  So, when all is said and done the pastor of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Littleton makes $11,000 a year in salary and stole fees.  To my mind, he is living the way a priest aught to.

- And for further comparison: The pastor at OLMC is working on a major renovation to the church and to kick off the fundraiser is donating a full year's salary and stole fees.  What about the pastor at the other parish?  Well, the parish needs a larger church but it's building a bigger rectory first.  And how much has the pastor donated to kick off his fundraiser?  We just don't know.

Telling isn't it?
Men are fallen creatures. Priests included.
Yes they've studied for 8 years (generally not 10)

But they've studied at seminaries which are highly corrupted.
They're learning psychology, not spirituality.
Seminary breeds morons, milquetoasts, and malice.
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