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Full Version: Catholic War......
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A house (Church) divided will not stand........
I saw this. Notice where Voris positions himself - with Catholin Tradition. His language seems to be evolving to that of a Traditionalist. It will be interesting to see where he goes.
Wow, I didn't anticipate this.  I thought he'd come out on the side of tradition, but I didn't think he'd do it by neatly separating himself from the ambiguous group and calling neo-catholicism to task.  I suppose there isn't any other honest way to do it, so props to him for taking the risk of possibly alienating his viewership.  Hopefully the time is ripe for for people on the fence to follow him all the way toward tradition.
A few episodes back, he said that they were re-consecrating the Apostolate to Our Lady at Fatima in Portugal. Is it any wonder She is taking him to Tradition.