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Full Version: Berlin's Archbishop Defends the SSPX Against Politician
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Quote: Germany. Archbishop Rainer Maria Woelki of Berlin has defended the SSPX against German politician Volker Beck.  Beck had slandered the Society as a "hardcore anti-Semitic and anti-Democratic Sect". In reality the father of the founder of the Society was murdered by Germans in the Second World War. Msgr Woelki believes that the talks with the SSPX are important. The unity of the Church is a high priority for the Church. It doesn't mean that the Pope identifies with the views of all of the members individual statements. The disturbed Beck may apparently criticize the Pope: "would that there was more differentiation and less polemics, would be adequate," said the Archbishop.

The SSPX announced it will be filing libel charges against Beck unless he redacts his statements.