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Full Version: Hermeneutic of Fatima: Let the tail (the SSPX) wag the dog (CDF)
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(09-19-2011, 07:06 PM)Albino_Luciani Wrote: [ -> ]The French King got a similar deal from the Sacred Heart.  In hindsight we know the ruling French Monarch had 100 years to perform a public consecration of France and the Sacred Heart would join France in a perpetual alliance.  The King could act autonomously.  Time ran out on the French Kings and the Third Estate seized power 100 years to the day the original offer was made (1689-1789).

At Fatima, Our Lady of the Rosary stipulated that all of the Bishops had to join the Pope in a consecration of Russia.  This is an interesting addition because the Holy Father cannot act alone.  Things in the Church have degraded to such an extent, that I wonder how it would ever be possible to get all of the Bishops to act.

The answer may be the predicted annihilation of many nations (and Bishops).

I know.of four bishop who would co-operate.

Ironically they are perceived to be 'disobedient'

B16 won't perform the consecration. Of that I am certain.
HH Pope Benedict XVI appears as fit as a fiddle, so I'm hoping the Holy Ghost is changing his mind. I can't see another Pope before 2017. If Ggreg is right and that date passes we are in mega-tribulation territory.

Possibly Pope Benedict is also starting to think that it's either a proper consecration of Russia or the three days of darkness that we face.  You know seeing the Pope is drawing attention to the little known prophecies of Venerable Elena Aiello, who also predicted the three days of darkness.
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