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Full Version: The Pieta Prayer Book
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I often find myself saying many of the prayers in this blue little book I purchased, but what is the opinion of many on this book?? Is it okay to use all the prayers?? The reason I ask is because some of them are derived from Our Lady's Apparitions at San Damiano, Italy during the late 60';s...These were never approved by the Church, so why are they in the book then??  Is it okay to use these prayers to help the poor souls in Purgatory??

I have that booklet, and I like it.
I used to pray from it so long ago. 

I don't see anything wrong with it. 
I use it often.  The only thing in it that's off are the "promises" attached to the daily saying of the St. Bridget Prayers.  The prayers themselves are beautiful, but the promises are a novelty added on many years afterward.  One of the pre-conciliar popes even mentioned that there was probably little validity in the promises themselves.

It's a pretty nice prayer book, all in all, however.