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Full Version: How to thank a saint?
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This month has been a financial disaster for me. I've spent the last several days (ever since my car battery died and I had to spend my grocery money on a new one) praying to St. Joseph and the Infant of Prague. Since Monday I've had a prayer in my heart, if it wasn't actually on my lips, and it was often on my lips. (Although sometimes it was less praying and more tearful begging) Today, an unexpected refund showed up in my mail box.  I'd actually been praying for my VA check, but I got a refund check from the college instead.
So, now that I'm able to buy groceries, gas, and pay a couple of overdue bills, how do I thank them? Praying thank you and then skipping on my merry way seems shallow.  Since I'm in a financial bind, monetary donations are kind of out. I'm going to school full time, and mom-ing and wife-ing full time, so I don't have much time to donate either.
I'd pray a rosary in thanksgiving for a particularly altruistic intention.  Pray a thanksgiving rosary for the souls in prugatory or something or someone that you have no immediate ties to.

Along with rosaries and other specific prayers of thanksgiving,  you can also try to keep a prayer of thankfulness in your heart, as you did with your prayer of petition.
Both of the above posts are great suggestions.  :)

You could also do a random act of kindness of some sort for a stranger. 
Pray a novena to St. X, whoever was helpful to you by his/her intercessions? :)

I would personally just spend a long time in mental prayer addressing myself to the saint, thanking him and contemplating his holy life. Being in simple spiritual communion with our family in Heaven must be so great for them who already experience the joy of eternity.
Thank you all for your suggestions. I will do all of these.
another suggestion: have a mass said in the st's honor
(09-22-2011, 06:56 PM)newyorkcatholic Wrote: [ -> ]another suggestion: have a mass said in the st's honor
I thought a donation was, well, not *required*, but let's say *highly encouraged*, when you request a mass. If not, I think that is an excellent idea!!
You can light a candle in thanksgiving at your church/chapel or give alms to the poor in honour of the saint
I would thank God for granting the prayer through the saint's intercession.
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