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Full Version: Catholic Familyland Apostolate - what a blessing!
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Hello everyone,

I want to share something that I came across that has been a great blessing to me

Catholic Familyland

Now before you made any judgement, I know the title sounds lame, but not the content!

For years I have been longing to experience the love of God in my own family, and.... well, as the condition of the families nowadays are broken by abortion, artificial contraception, brothers and sisters became more and more individualist, This "Familyland apostolate" brings so much refreshment, it will give you a clue on how God's plan on families are.

Families are the image of God! God the Trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. It is soo beautiful when we see families love one another selflessly and genuinely, and to see a holy family nowadays... where to find it?

Now this apostolate is created by Jerry and Gwen Coniker

You can read their bios here

And they have a website, you can browse through

And a youtube channel featuring many great talks..... it might not seem interesting to you at first, but if you take a peek, for instance at the testimonials, this apostolate has bring much blessings and joy to families who come to their place of retreat with their families which is in Ohio. You too, with your families are invited if you want to renew the live of love of in the family and the love of God.

They specialize in family catechism

The Channel is

I hope it will be a great blessing for you and your family.

God Bless
Thanks for posting this. I'll check it out, especially since Cardinal Arinze answers many of the questions on the Catechism site.
When I first glanced at this title I thought it said "Catholic Candyland Apostolate."

Rather disappointed...