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Full Version: Priest Removed for Homily on gays
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Stories like this make me want to Sceam. When will this end?

It just keeps getting worse, day after day. It is like watching a bad soap opera.
another catholic bishop in full communion and in the proper sense
i see
“We have to respect people on their own journey,” Wade said.

But of course my journey wouldn't be respected if I told them they were sodomizing queers who are going to perish in eternal fire. But thats my journey, and it should be respected, to condemn sins which are abominations crying to heaven for vengeance. Respect that journey!

Of course, I'd be immediately labeled as intolerant and not-understanding of their way of life and inconsiderate. Yet, they aren't considering me or my journey, but condemning the true path. Hypocrites.
His analogies about Pride parades and 9/11 was really interesting.
"Unconditional love" my foot!  Christ calls us to repentance.  He loved Mary Magdelene so much he told her to "go and sin no more", not "oh, it's OK for you to continue to turn tricks, just don't blame me when you end up in hellfire eternal"!

The bishop who did this is probably a closet - or maybe not so closet - case himself.
But Mary Magdalene  wasn't the one turning tricks. How would you feel if that was your mother and its has been cleared up that your mother wasn't a prostitute but everyone kept referring to her as one and claimed that it was okay to do so because it taught people to not want herpes?
(09-27-2011, 09:22 PM)devotedknuckles Wrote: [ -> ]another catholic bishop in full communion and in the proper sense
i see

Yup, however there are stilll maaaaaaaaany many catholics today who dont have the eyes to see what is going on around them....Denying the truth to the colossal problems in the church and  apostasy everywhere!!