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Full Version: Benedict distributes communion in the hand
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After giving Communion in the hand to a standing (sort of) Queen Sofia of Spain last fall, it appears there may be a different standard for politicians, who seem to get a pass on the so-called "reform of the reform."

Video at the link
What a shock.

Kyrie eleison!
It looks like this was just an aberration. The President knelt and then held out his hands, presumably with his mouth closed. The Holy Father wouldn't have refused him communion, although I'm sure the President was told (along with everyone) how he should have approached and received.
He did not need to refuse him. Simply whisper in German put your tongue out to receive your Saviour my child. I believe the President speaks pretty good German. This is what ANY trad priest would do. Are they rude or uncaring of other peoples feelings?  If you're going to make a rule then stick to it otherwise nobody will take it seriously.
Yeah, fair enough.
Clearly that was a hologram. The pope can enever do anywrong just  as jpii sniffing the Koran and not kissing it this is just either a misundertanding oe a hologram cooked up by sedes
God's Rottweiler at it again?

Old news.
Look at the altar server  in the video, there was never any kind of confusion nor attempt to move the paten into the proper position.  He either had an eagle eye and saw the hand out and decided himself that the Holy Father would give it to him in the hand or it was all worked out beforehand. 

Those crazy Teutons are at it still.

Maybe zee altar zerver zort zhat zee Fuhrer vood make a lampshade out of him if he raised zee paten.
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