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Full Version: Any Catholic Preppers/Survivalists here?
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You know I was wondering if there are any other preppers/survivalists on this forum. Mainly people who store up food, guns, DIY stuff, homesteading stuff on here? Just wondering what some of you do for prepping in case we have a global meltdown of the economy or WWIII breaks out. It would be good if we could bounce ideas off each other.

I have been slowly storing up food, bought a little silver and recently bought a gun and plan on buying more firearms, food, and useful manual type instruments in case the grid goes down and we have bands of gangs running around America looting. Yes, it is important to have faith in God, and Noah himself prepared for the Great flood for years before it even happened. So I am curious to know if there are other people on here who feel the same way about a possible collapse of civilization as we know it. I think people who are versed in prophecy and approved apparitions of Our Lady can relate to this somewhat.

So please give us your ideas, thoughts and maybe some preps you have done to prepare for a possible global meltdown or catastrophe, whether man-made, or God given natural disaster.
aye. but im no gonna post what i got.
thats just silly
I have very strong tendecies twowards survivalism. But as you know, we must ultiamtely put our Faith and trust in Christ or all the survivalism stuff is for not.  Remember, we all die someday and will face Christ.  Yet, now having put everything in its proper place, I would love to share few comments.

As far as guns are concerned, try to buy many guns of the same caliber so that you can purchase bulk ammo that fits many of you guns.  This may seem rediculous to some, but I am strong believer in having more than one.22 caliber rifle on hand and plenty of ammo.  Sure its not the most powerful of weapons but it does have value.  Yet still more, we must stock up on treasures in Heaven such as prayer, penance and almsgiving.  We must pray like crazy that the pope consecrates Russia and the world converts.  We must always remember not to focus too much on material goods and spending too much money on them.  I have heard of people going way over board.  For example I heard of someone interested in buying grenades.  Not only is that kind of strange but also highly illegal.
(09-28-2011, 09:34 PM)devotedknuckles Wrote: [ -> ]aye. but im no gonna post what i got.
thats just silly

This.  No one should post what they've got.
Ok, guys relax. It's not about posting what you have, its about ideas and helping others to become more self-sufficient. It's not like I'm posting my home address on here. Relax
I think a seed bank would be one of the most important things to be prepared with, plus canned and dried goods to last at least until harvest.  A .22 caliber rifle would be fine for some small game; squirrels, snow shoe rabbits or if you hit a partridge in the head, but it won't take down a deer or larger animals.  Even a jack rabbit would probably keep running.  Get to know how and where you can harvest fiddle heads, puff balls, wild onions and mushrooms (the non-poisonous type), berries and the like from the forest.   
We are trying.

As you know, the key is to start out small. It is so easy to be overwhelmed by what others have and/or say you must do. Also, I have 4 children under 4 and not in the best of help. I am not climbing mountains and hiding in caves. The way we have started is by being prepared for the mini disasters that happen in our area. The beginning of the month here, more then half our town was under water. We were the lucky few that had electricity, but we didn't have water for 10 days. It sucked. Spring water at the stores was always sold out and none of the delivery trucks could make it into town. We had filled out bathtub, But it slowly drained over night. My husband then filled very large storage containers with water and kept them in the tub. The kids were always trying to get at it, throw things in the water, climb in it, etc.

To prepare for next ime I found this thing called a water Bob. It's a water bladder that holds 100 gallons and stays in your tub, it has a little pump to get the water out. Keeps everything clean. In the future I hope to get a berkey.

The next disaster that we frequently deal with, especially in the winter is loss of electricity. Our house is heated with it, though we do have a wood stove. So I am working on preparing for that.

The other project I hope to get done this year is to have a kit in our car. In case a tire blows, or due to flooding/ snow we get trapped between roads- whatever. I want to have some basics, esp for the kids if I am stranded.

Acquiring good reference books is essential. The internet is a luxury we shouldn't take for granted. While I'd like to think if/when TEOTWAWKI I will have all the skills necessary to survive, I still won't know everything. So having manuals on weapons you have for repairs, plus spare parts is a good idea. Knowing and growing medicinal herbs is important, guides will help you not poison yourself. Having experience and a garden already set up is a biggie. We have had a little hobby garden the past couple years. Next year we are doing something more formal. This book is highly recommended. It gives you actual diagrams on how to have your garden, expanding every year.

Canning, preserving, dried, fermenting foods are all skills I am learning and working on. I have made cheese and hope to start it up again soon. Other skills I want to work on include keeping bees and smoking meat.

(09-28-2011, 10:03 PM)mikemac Wrote: [ -> ]I think a seed bank would be one of the most important things to be prepared with, plus canned and dried goods to last at least until harvest.

Yes, I definitely agree with this. I think thats one thing a lot of people overlook when it comes to prepping. They store up a ton of food, but barely enough seeds to start things over again when they've used it all up. Farming is really important, more important than people think.
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Verenaerin, I think you might like these two books. I have the first one, it's awesome, although a little more geared towards the UK, still contains awesome info:
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