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Full Version: Cardinal Koch says that there will be No Communal Prayer at Assisi III
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Sadly, I feel the Holy Father is going to be aiming more against secularism pushing faith outside of society, he wont dwell much on religious relativism.  However, it's good to know there wont be any of the scandal and claptrap of the past Assisi.
But why have it in the first place? The prayers of those outside the Church are inefficacious except petitions for the grace of conversion..
Exactly why the Ordinary Form came into existence.. "feel good community" atmosphere.
I visited Assisi with my wife on our honeymoon two years ago and as much as I enjoyed it I couldn't help thinking about the horrors perpetrated there in the name of ecumenism. It sort of spoiled things for me.

Mind you, I had the best gnocchi and the best pizza napolitana (anchovies, black olives, and capers) in Assisi.
Unfortunately, not even scandals like these will open people's eyes. Most "Catholics" don't care.

"But yet the Son of man, when he cometh, shall he find, think you, faith on earth?" [Luke 18:8]
Admittedly, these events may be symptoms of the Great Apostasy predicted in Scripture or a foreshadowing thereof.

Either way, it needs to be said that these events are true scandals in the sense that the Church has always spoken of: occasions of others stumbling in their faith. I just don't understand how the Holy Father can think this and similar events are compatible with the Great Commission of Our Blessed Lord.
So here we have Pope who does not believe in some of the teaching of the Church, like 'outside the church no salvation'  ::)
Or a pope who does not believe in the mission of the church 'preach to all creatures the gospel and baptism all who believe…... those who do not believe will be condemned'
So this is the 3rd Assisi in 30 years?

One public apostasy for each decade. It's no so bad.
It's not so bad if all they do is talk in community, and then go off to pray separately. We need spiritual segregation and discrimination badly in this world, whose new age ideal of a universal religion is unwittingly being advanced by the current Pope. I feel so bad for this man, that he is caught up in such evil times... but I am also ashamed for him, that such an intelligent person should be trapped in this disgusting mindset. Giving scandal to Christians is one thing, but I am convinced that this sort of blatant "meh" to false religion scandalises our dear Lord Jesus in some way, though He be God. He is still a man with a soul, and how this must pain His Sacred Heart...