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Full Version: Rick Perry Dancing with the Rabbis........
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St. Bernard Wrote:"Jews are the living words of Scripture for us, for they remind us always of what Our Lord suffered. They are dispersed all over the world so that, by expiating [?] their crime, they may everywhere be the living witnesses of our redemption ... Wherefore, the Church says: “Scatter them by Thy power, and bring them down, O Lord” (Psalm lviii.12). These words have been fulfilled literally: the Jews are dispersed, humbled, and reduced to hard servitude."

"O intelligence coarse, dense, and, as it were, cow-like, which did not recognize God, even in His own works! Perhaps the Jew will complain that I call his intelligence bovine. But let him read what is said by the prophet Isaias, and he will find that his intelligence is even less than bovine. For Isaias says: “The ox knows his Owner, and the ass knows his Master’s crib; but Israel has not known Me, and My people have not understood” (i.3). You see, O Jew, I am easier on you than your own prophet. I have compared you to brute beasts, but he places you even below them!"
Pope Gregory IX Wrote:"Ungrateful for favors and forgetful of benefits, the Jews return insult for kindness and impious contempt for goodness. They ought to know the yoke of perpetual enslavement because of their guilt. See to it that the perfidious Jews never in the future grow insolent, but that they always suffer publicly the shame of their sin in servile fear."
Pope Innocent III Wrote:"The Lord made Cain a wanderer and fugitive over the earth, but set a mark upon him, making his head to shake, lest anyone finding him should slay him. Thus the Jews, against whom the blood of Christ calls out, although they ought not to be killed, nevertheless, as wanderers they must remain upon the earth until their faces are filled with shame and they seek the name of Jesus Christ the Lord."
St. Agobard Wrote:"Jews are cursed and covered with malediction as by a cloak. The curse has penetrated them like water in their bowels and oil in their bones. They are cursed in the city and cursed in the country, cursed in their coming in and cursed in their going out. Cursed are the fruits of their loins, of their lands, of their flocks; cursed are their cellars, their granaries, their shops, their food, the very crumbs off their tables!"
St. Cyprian Wrote:"Nor is it sufficient that we call Him Who is in Heaven “Father.” We must add to the name “Our Father.” This name rebukes and condemns the Jews who not only spurned Christ faithlessly, but also cruelly executed Him Who was announced to them by the prophets, and sent first to their nation. No longer may they call God their Father, because the Lord confounds and refutes them, saying: “Your father is the Devil” (John viii.44). O sinful nation, O people weighed down with guilt, breed of evil-doers, lawless children, you have turned your backs on the Lord and have provoked the Holy One of Israel! We Christians at prayer say “Our Father,” since He has begun to be ours, but ceased to be the Father of the Jews who have forsaken Him. There is no way a sinful nation can be His children; on the contrary, that title is bestowed on those to whom remission of sins has been granted and to whom eternal life has been promised."
St. Gregory of Nyssa Wrote:"Jews are slayers of the Lord, murderers of the prophets, enemies and haters of God, adversaries of grace, enemies of their fathers’ faith, advocates of the devil, a brood of vipers, slanderers, scoffers, men of darkened minds, the leaven of Pharisees, a congregation of demons, sinners, wicked men, haters of goodness!"
Yes. And pope Gregory the great was Of the Jews. Along wih 3 other popes.
St Bernard wrote a fsir bit on the Jews. When in home I'll pull put about 4 of his peters f us to read why just one paragraph?
I figure
Oh. Inthiight thebjews today are not real Jews anyway and not biblical Jews. So how can non Jews whbr not biblical Jews be responsible for slaying our lord?
Not that I bekive th above. But more then a few here do
I know st Bernard would have  awfull things to say to me regarding me sporing laces in my shoes
ah well
It doesn't much matter ro me really. If people want to avoid any contact with Jews as being j clean oe plage ridden. Matters little to me if u run across thebstreet at he site of one. Different strokes for differe folks
but untilk the chech demands of mento do such as a catholic I'm just not to much bothered by them. It their soul. If they walk by me whatever
no biggy
it really isn't
Cherry picking saints? How bout Popes and saintly Popes?
Pope Innocent III
Pope Gregory IX:
Pope Stephen III:
Pope Innocent IV
Pope Saint Gregory the Great
Pope Saint Gregory VII
Pope Innocent III at the Fourth Ecumenical Lateran Council: Pope Gregory IX
Pope Saint Gregory I:
Pope Saint Pius V
Pope Benedict XIV:
Pope Clement VIII
Pope Saint Sylvester I
Pope Eugene IV
Pope Alexander III
Pope Martin V
Pope Paul IV:
Pope Leo VII:
Pope Adrian I at the Second Ecumenical Council of Nicea:

We are not cherry picking here folks..

I forgot," sweep all this under the rug.. nothing was said here folks!"
I should take up boozing and drink the cool-aid...

Cherry picking..........
Oh I forgot, anything prior to V2 isn't part of the Church.
Church "teaching" comes after Paul VI....
And I'm not really arguing that a Christian cannot by divine law have social intercourse with Jews. I think it's a matter of conscience that depends on many factors.

I was just pointing out that, traditionally speaking (hence the quotes) many Christians and the Church herself frowned upon such amicable relations. It's no secret to anyone that the Jews were kept apart from Christians in ghettoes all across Europe, including the Papal States. They were, pretty much, second class citizens.

This favoured view of the Jews as a social good is quite novel in our history and it's largely found in countries with a strong Protestant background that harbored these Jews after they were expelled from Catholic nations.
"Fundemental" protestantism..

That's not my point. Again pope Gregory the great  was of jewsih blood. St Bernard wrote we should treat them just and that we shouldn't wear shoe laces
I'm sure  u have in your life worn sho  laces have u?
Well then your hypocracy is noted sir
sip sip indeed
Again i have  no plm whatsoever with people running away at the first sight of a Jew or even if u scream "unclean u clean!!" or run fat across the road if one happens by
I don't csre
i really don't
post a vid
nohing ibhave posted is peotstant. U csn keep posting lies that's fine or. Csn show me why isnprotestant in what I've posted. Ten again shouldn't u be at an abortion clinic or posting about abortion?
Where's Alex?

u want to start posting lies that's ok with mentoo. It's your soul not mine.
Fact is Catholics have always had contact with Jews. We couldn't of putthem inbghettoes if we did what u seem. Want run away like pussies at rue very site of them

There is no argument with me if this is regarding history. I've lived. Europe I know the deal. Bt my argument is with those who seem t suggest running away at the sight of Jew or God knows what Else. Fact is if. Want to put em back In vhetoes I have n plm woththat
go do it
see how fsr u get. If that's what u beliVe then talk is cheap. Why bitch  here? Because if u lived what u preach you woudk surely get ass kicked
no shit
well blah blah. Again if u don want any contact wih a Jew hen don't have any. If u wanna run across the road when one wonders by. All the power to u. Just don't push your shit as the laws of my fsith cuz it's not
and that's really my only point
happy hunting. Or  happy running
whatever u will do. I reckon it's the running Alex

Should we dance around a table with a bunch of rabbi's?

Not that Perry is Catholic, but that's what this thread is about.

I don't think any saint would have advocated dancing around with a bunch of Rabbi's.

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