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Full Version: Your relics and you
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Do you possess any relics? How and where are you keeping them?
I have a body I keep in the crawl space. Not a relic,  but....

Seriously though, I do have a 3rd class Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe relic my mother-in-law got from Mexico. I wear it around my neck daily.
My Irish grandmother is in her 90's. She's kept in her home in Ohio.
I have a friend who shook hands with Padre Pio.  Does that count as a 3rd Class relic?
That's a colossal degree of seperation, WRC. Get some PoP and cast that hand!
I'm sensing that some people are not taking this thread seriously.  >:(
(10-02-2011, 08:32 PM)archdiocesan Wrote: [ -> ]I'm sensing that some people are not taking this thread seriously.  >:(

It doesn't incite anger and offer opportunity for uncharitable slurs. Only forum I know of that one can have fruitful discussions on Traditional Catholicism without such is Shin's site....
We have a first class St. Apollonia relic in our house right now, but it's not ours.  It's in my wife's studio, up high.  Kids...

We don't have have any of our own.  I'd be interested in acquiring a few, though.
You can get first class relics of Bl. Francis Xavier Seelos C.Ss.R. if you write to the shrine. They come with theca, but you'll probably want to find a small reliquary to put that in if you intend to display Bl. Francis somewhere in the home for veneration.
that's super cool!  (for lack of a better expression)

do you think it would be prudent to get one, even if you are a devout person?

I'm going to try and get one anyway.  I'll give it to my parish.
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