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Full Version: Pulling no punches: evil agenda of government (vortex)
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The past couple of days have been hard hitting as well and worth listening to, and here is today's talk 
from the Vortex:

The evil of our government has life itself in its sights which we knew in 2008.  Persecution is coming if things go on.   In the better late than never category, Archbishop Dolan is making a stance.  Let us hope he actually holds the line and that all bishops, at long last, will recognize the evil in our midst.  May they put on their supernatural glasses and see what it is we are facing.

Of course we may have the opportunity to suffer for Christ...
Here's Archbishop Dolan's letter to Obama.
Can I make a proposal that we have a Vortex channel or thread.

We have all heard of Real Catholic TV and voris has his own web servers as well as posting stuff to YouTube. When he finally makes the connection that Rome is responsible for all the scandal and error then by all means let us hand this forum over to him. But until then let's keep this forum independent.