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Full Version: Three Catholic Churches in Windsor Canada for sale..for one dollar!
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I kid you not. I found this news story on another site. Someone in Canada should alert a Latin Mass group about this, it looks like a literal steal.

will be more then a buck. mrk me words. layer fees ect. but still not bad
FSSP Canada contacted... alerted... the cavalry will be on the way, I'm sure.  :)
That would be cool if FSSP Canada could buy them.  Our Lady of the Rosary is a beautiful looking church.
It says it needs 1.8 million in repairs, though. Beautiful church, but there's always a reason why these things are cheap.

SSPX: check
SSPV: check
FSSP: check
"Unlike the other two churches, Our Lady of the Rosary is in good condition, so prospective buyers don't need to wear hard hats and other protective clothing on site visits."  "After designating the church under the Ontario Heritage Act, city council in August declined an offer to purchase the church.  The city estimates the building needs $220,000 in immediate repairs and another $1.8 million in repairs over the next 10 years."

I know St. Mary's in Lindsay, Ontario operated for quite a while when some frescoes in the church were in need of repair.  It must have cost at least $220,000 to repair the frescoes.  St. Mary's is a beautiful old church that still has it's high altar.  I also know that the Ontario Heritage Trust have helped some owners of heritage buildings restore their buildings to their former glory.