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Full Version: Our Lady of the Rosary!
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Happy feast day, Blessed Mother!   :pray:

Make sure you all pray the rosary today.  Pray an extra one if you can!   ;D
I will never forget hearing about the Battle of Lepanto from Fr. Wolfe, FSSP, and how all the soldiers and sailors were given rosaries made by the devout Catholics. Now that was the true age of total war: every single faithful Christian had his weapon: be it sword, arquebus, or rosary. The titanically evil force of the Ottomans was checked because of that great army of angels and saints who were joined in Heaven to pray along with the multitudes of sailors, soldiers, and wives back home. It was a Crusade in the truest and most noble sense. May all the dead of that battle be blessed and have eternal rest...
Great link, Laetarae! 

And remember folks, it's First Friday as well so if you have a TLM near you there'll likely be a mass this evening.

Make it if you can!
Wasn't it Pius XI who said "Give me an army saying the rosary and I will conquer the world"?  It was a pope either way.
Drummer Boy,

A picture of Bonzo and talking about the rosary at the same time. Awesome!  :)
I'll be one of the ones praying a Rosary tonight. :) Happy Feast Day of Our Lady of the Rosary, everyone!
I shall also be praying the Roserium tonight...  in Latin.    :pray:

  I like praying along with the traditional catholic radio website.
Hubby actually said all 3 coronas with me!  Happy feast day Blessed Mother!!  Please guide +Fellay and the others to do God's holy will.  :pray2:
Got 12 Rosaries in today; now for low Mass, and confession. did the Holy Hour of Reparation/Adoration yesterday.
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