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Full Version: Supreme Court discusses all-male Catholic priesthood
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Could discrimination claim force female priests?

US Supreme Court discusses all-male Catholic priesthood

Catholic World News
October 07, 2011

In argument before the Supreme Court on an anti-discrimination case, the solicitor general—representing the Obama administration—said that the government would uphold the right of the Catholic Church to preserve an all-male priesthood, but only “because the balance of relative public and private interests is different in each case.”

The Supreme Court heard arguments in the case of Hosanna-Tabor v. EEOC, in which a woman charged that she was wrongfully dismissed from a teaching position at a Lutheran school. School officials countered that the teacher had been dismissed because she did not accept the teachings of the church. The case turned on the “ministerial exception” that is traditionally according to religious bodies, allowing them to set the standards for their own religious personnel.

Leodra Kruger, making the case for the solicitor general, questioned the “ministerial exception” directly. When questioned by Chief Justice John Roberts on whether religious groups should have the right to judge the qualifications of their own key employees, she replied: “We don't see that line of church autonomy principles in the religion clause jurisprudence as such.”

When Justice Stephen Breyer pressed the issue, asking specifically whether the Catholic Church should be allowed to bar women from the priesthood, Kruger replied: “The government's general interest in eradicating discrimination in the workplace is simply not sufficient to justify changing the way that the Catholic Church chooses its priests, based on gender roles that are rooted in religious doctrine.” But by casting her legal argument in terms of the government’s interests, rather than the unchanging language of the First Amendment, she left open the possibility that at some future date, under different circumstances, the government could side with women seeking ordination as Catholic priests.

Several justices expressed qualms about Kruger’s legal reasoning during the oral arguments. When they eventually issue a ruling on the Hosanna-Tabor v. EEOC case, the Supreme Court justices may reject the solicitor general’s logic and affirm the “ministerial exception.” But their decision could also making Hosanna a landmark case in the interpretation of the First Amendment—and in the Church’s defense of the all-male priesthood.
This... is almost unbelievable. How can a Supreme Court of Justice have become so relativist and subjective in its philosophy as to seriously consider an international Church an "employer"? WTF? Someone, please just nuke America, and then Britain, Canada, Germany, France, Japan, China, Spain, and basically every country except Italy. :laughing: I kind of want God to do some chastising, even though I know I'd be hit heavily.

How would the government enforce this if it became a "law"? Would bishops be fined or imprisoned for refusing to 'hire' female priests?
Miserere nobis  :(
Is this true? What about seperation of church and state? If truie, the antichrist may be behind this. Chief justice Roberts is a catholic, a practicing one, so I thought.
The Church is already playing the game becoming 501c3 charities. And yes, the Church employees people, and pays taxes (payroll). We're playing their game, and they are the one's with the legal power. The Church for her part can start to work on charity again -- the economy of charity.
...sed libera nos a malo...

"Republics" have a history of persecuting the Church for lying outside their vision for the future. As a priest I once knew often reminded us, we should be praying unceasingly for God's mercy and protection, because we are in such need of it.
At this rate the Supreme Court will soon be ruling on whether it's discriminatory of the Church to force left-handed "employees" to make the sign of the Cross with the right hand when celebrating Mass.
The whole world really is warring with God. How scary for us left here. Not because of being persecuted by the world, though that is sobering, but being here when God has finally had enough and shuts us down.
I blame this on the weakness of the Church. If the Church executed her authority then the Supreme Court would be dependent on the authority of Rome and the Church...not the other way around.

Some say things couldn't get any worse in the world.  This is proof that they could  God have mercy on us all.
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