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Full Version: My wedding from 10/15/11
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Congratulations! :salute: It's a great blessing to have a TLM wedding. May God bless your marriage.
(11-10-2011, 05:05 PM)MorganHiver Wrote: [ -> ]haha well, the whole modesty thing was sort of annoying. Infact, the coordinator did show us pictures of white wedding sacks! Just some awful, ugly dresses. She also tried to get my wife to hike up the dress to her throat but it just was not happening.

I'm sorry you find modesty so annoying. Yet, modesty is still modesty.  It's a hard virtue, and that is why many have a problem with modesty.

No one has spoken out, so I guess I will have to be the bad guy now. I have seen this disturbing trend in dresses going on now even in traditionalist weddings lately, and it deserves some words. The parameters of modesty has been set by the Church for some time now, and in modern times has been discussed by Cardinal Siri and the heroic priests of our time, the FSSP priests. Anyone can read Siri or listen to Audiosancto to learn more about modesty.

The rules for women in modesty, have always been that dresses can never ever be sleeveless. Theses guidelines are eternal, irrespective of culture and time. Arms must be covered at least to the top of the elbow. sleeveless is not allowed in normal dresses for Mass, let alone dresses for weddings. I know your wife had her shoulders covered, but it wasn't enough. You need sleeves. that is just the modesty standard we have in the Church.

The rule for low cut, is the standard of no lower than two inches below the pit of the throat. I know your wife had her cleavage covered, but it was just low cut enough to barely cover any line or hint of cleavage. It was pretty close as you can get.  It was a couple of inches way below the pit.

You can caricature, mock, and rationalize modest dresses as sacks all you want, but rules for modesty will always be in place. Modesty never has to equal bland, ugly, or no elegance. With effort, beautiful dresses with sleeves and a good cut can be found.

Too many priests are dropping the ball on these matters and it has to do with them having been desensitized in our modern times and all its problems.

As much as people don't like it, I got to stand up for these principles of modesty. Truth has to be spoken. We always have to stand up for truth.    
Well, since she showed up as a harlot, I do hope our ceremony was valid!
Jackie Kennedy's 1953 wedding gown didn't "pass" the Siri test either, I guess!

[Image: 1953cake.jpg]

Your bride looks lovely, and you very happy. Congratulations!
Wow.  Has this thread about the gentleman getting married really turned into a discussion about modesty?  What a shame.  Seriously.  Ask yourself if you'd make these comments in real life, because I seriously doubt if you would take him aside at his wedding and make these comments.  Internet tough guys and modesty police.  Keep keeping us safe.  Go soak your heads, this is disgusting. 
(11-13-2011, 05:19 PM)StrictCatholicGirl Wrote: [ -> ]Jackie Kennedy's 1953 wedding gown didn't "pass" the Siri test either, I guess!

Considering that Siri wrote about the rules in dress in the 50's, due to problems in dress in the 50's, it's not surprising. Talk about "cutting edge". It's pretty kind thing and a stretch to call that a sleeve.

The Kennedys in John and Jackie, are a great example of Catholic marriage and God's blessings aren't they? With all that unfaithfulness between them. There were infidelities, adulteries, disloyalty, and revenges in their marriage, along with their stands on Catholic and moral issues. John Kennedy went before the Baptists in Houston and groveled at their feet, insisting his faith will have nothing to with his politics and presidency. Great apostasy in action. The Kennedy family as a whole were led by the great liberal priests of the 60's who were getting them ready to embrace abortion and contraception when the time came. Poor JFK ended up getting assassinated. The wrath and justice of God is a terrible thing when it catches up to your sins.  
Dude.  Tact.  Get some.
I am not interested in derailing this thread. So more JFK, or other such things, or other examples.

MorganHiver himself commented on the dress and brought up the whole situation on modesty saying he founded it annoying, and told us that certain sacks were suggested. Since he brought it up, I could not sit back and not speak out on what the Church has said on this, with regard to guidelines and problems in dress. It's a hard truth that must be spoken. This things are occurring frequently in our Church weddings. It's an epidemic that must be corrected.

Be assured that I would tell any of you the same things in person that I am writing here on this forum. Of coarse I have enough tact not to cause a scene in public, but I would take any one of you here on this forum aside in private, and say these thing to you, face to face. I hope some priest or Catholic would do the same for me.

If the OP brings up a certain issue in his own thread, then it's all fair game.
(11-13-2011, 05:33 PM)Mithrandylan Wrote: [ -> ]Wow.  Has this thread about the gentleman getting married really turned into a discussion about modesty

Welcome to FishEaters!

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