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Full Version: Our Lady will be on Television
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The 17th of this month Our Lady is scheduled to be on TV and streaming on the internet. If you bring objects close to the screen she will bless them. It's the latest happening from Medjugorje .This is the kind of thing that unhinges my brain and makes it roll in my head giving me vertigo. Here's the link. 

I can't wait!!! >:( >:( >:( >:(
Sounds like they are taking a cue from good ole' Ernest Angley.

"Touch the Screen and Be Healed"

[Image: angley_2.jpg]

I used to watch him for a good laugh.
I wonder how many will be working on the CGI?
This is better than Bayside!
This is better than Bayside!
The Major Forgery version of Smellavision.
I read the link: praying in front of their computers?!  Paganism I say!  paganism! 

How ridiculous does this have to get before people finally smell the BS and the pope condemns it?
. I read that somehow Schonbern is associated with this.  Anyone know for sure?
I think that spam above attached to this threas due to the word Lady in it's title.

As Mr. Freeze would say, "wild!"
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