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Full Version: Why do some trad priests keep on talking about "temperaments"?
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Maybe it's nothing but I've noticed it.

  Here, check out Wikipedia on the four temperaments:
Because enneagrams are so spirit of Vatican II.
Because it is a very valuable tool to understand yourself and to give spiritual counsel.
I've found that this method is surprisingly accurate. I'm pretty much exactly like the Melancholic temperament down to the letter.
Maybe it's just me but I can't pin down a temperament.

Is that because I haven't fully matured yet?
(11-16-2011, 12:07 PM)Servire Deo Wrote: [ -> ]Is that because I haven't fully matured yet?

Entertained and Safe
(11-16-2011, 12:07 PM)Servire Deo Wrote: [ -> ]Maybe it's just me but I can't pin down a temperament.

Is that because I haven't fully matured yet?

There are mixed temperaments. My wife can't be pinned down. Also a mature person is not subservient to their temperament, but . You seem to be like a melancholic in the sense that you are rigorist and overly judgemental. I don't know you, and I am not saying that is altogether true, but you display some of those qualities in your posts. Keirsey provides more nuance, and as one matures you can purposely foster qualities to balance your temperament. For instance, trying to be more compassionate, or taking on tasks which challenge oneself to be outgoing, etc. His book Please Understand Me II is a good primer.
Melancholics tend to be filled with inappropriate rigour for trivial things, whereas Cholerics tend to be filled with inappropriate rigour for everything. There are many shades and degrees, but I find the four temperaments pretty much describe every human being. If you don't particularly fit any so far, it's likely you are Phlegmatic, the extremely neutral and unaffected type. Aquinas was phlegmatic, from what many seem to intimate, and it certainly fits the stories about him and his writings.

Trad priests grab on to the temperaments because it is an excellent way to determine one's predominant faults and latent virtues. Overcoming an excessive temperament and balancing them all is a very beautiful and holy state. Our Lord is said to be in possession of all four temperaments perfectly and in harmony. He is the synthesis of all that is good and perfect in psychology, if you want to put it that way. Smile
I learned about the four temperaments when I was young, from  an excellent small book called  The Four Temperaments by Rev. Conrad Hock.  It is a very Catholic and very concise book, and well worth reading by any Catholic who is trying to know and improve himself.  Here it is online
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