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Full Version: Voris Condemns Modernism Yet Praises JP II
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In today's Vortex, "where lies and falsehoods are trapped and exposed," Michael Voris provides yet more proof that the law of non-contradiction has indeed been repealed. Behold:

Note the apparent rejection of modernism. And note that panegyric for John Paul II, a panegyric in which he speaks not one word about the Assisi events - those scandalous validations of the whole modernist project - over which JP II presided. Huh? Is Michael Voris simply unaware of the Assisi events? And is it really possible that he's simply unaware that JP II's new "Theology of the Body," his new Code of Canon Law, his new Catechism, his new Rosary, and his weak response to "liberation theology" are all infected with modernism?  Huh?

Pope Paul VI got the modernist ball rolling, but John Paul II was the real architect of modernism in the Church.  Pope Benedict continues to signal in favor of modernism and tradition at the same time.  The real Sister Lucy called it, "Diabolic Disorientation".
Voris holds everyone accountable for Modernism except those who oversaw it all. He pretty much has lost all credibility with me.
He is finally getting IT about VII
Voris fan checking in :-D
Jackson K. Eskew, how is it modernism to have new mysteries to meditate on? Three decades is aesthetically proportional, but the Pope wanted to stimulate interest in the Rosary by providing more to think and pray about. Why don't you concentrate on real evils in the Church instead of fighting phantom boggie-men.

As for the Theology of the Body, I won't even make a comment, since I would bet my last buck you haven't read it and can't even explain any of its fundamental facets
"As for the Theology of the Body, I won't even make a comment, since I would bet my last buck you haven't read it and can't even explain any of its fundamental facets"

It is, in fact, the New Mass which has had the effect of disemboweling Catholic men of their traditional Catholic faith and masculinity, and precipitating their fall into the disgrace that is [Theology of the Body], and into all those forms of spirituality and intellectual life which are worthy of neither God nor man.
I would say Mr Voris is spot on in this video condemning modernism, but I am still baffled at why he does not give credit where credit is due when it comes to Pope JPII in enableing modernism to spread by appointing many of the same bishops that Mr Voris condemns!
Of all the BS. Study Scott Hahn's Biblical studies on sexuality. It is holy and wonderful. It's peope like James Larson that lower sex's value. If in his own life (assuming he is married) he experiences more of the passion element and less of the spiritual, that's fine. But talk about being a bigot: some people have spiritual exeriences during sex like you couldn't image, as if their bodies literally become one. Read Dietrich von Hildebrand (who knew of deep spiritual sex) instead of the disobedient Larson.
St. Paul refers to spiritual sexuality when he tells people he speaks against fornicators, saying (paraphrase) "do not make your member a member of a harlot".  Dietrich von Hildebrand was right when he said that the principle end of sex is procreation, but it's primary meaning is union and love. Anyone who has had deep expereriences of love with his wife knows this.

From Larsons article:

"The lives of all men (and here I speak of both men and women) are oriented by nature towards the ultimate attainment, after this life, of the Beatific Vision"

Right there he pronounces the position of de Lubac, condemned by him and others of his pack as heretical!

"even to the aberrant claims of some that it is constituted as a participation in the interior life of God"

We don't say that. If one is in a state of grace during sex, he it can be a grace filled moment however. Love gains rewards. In a culture marred by over-sexuality, but which has seen (unfortunantely) the beauty of sex, there is a need for the Theology of the Body, which, by the way, the Pope spoke into the Ordinary Magisterium.

I won't even comment on the statement that the Novus Ordo makes a person less of a man.  Larson can pretend to be a hulk all he wants, but in my book he is a narrow thinking amatuer who thinks he knows more than one of the most brilliant Popes in history
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