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Full Version: Hasta Luego
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I will be leaving FE over advent.  My school semester is winding down so I'll be inundated with school work, I have a new work schedule so late hours are no longer an option and with my depression (and advent) I really need to work on my devotional life.

I will show up in chat from time to time, and if you really need to get ahold of me get a hold of Kayla.  I will not have access to pm's.

I will absolutely return near Christmas.

May you all have a blessed advent.  FE is the best place on the internet, take care of it!

Pax Christi


ps the best thing for my depression is that you all give me loads of fish soup.  I wanna come back and have 200!
Bye Bye Dylan hope you work hard and have a fantastic Advent - I pray that you will increase in faith and love of Christ during your time away.
Have a blessed advent.  Smile
Have a great Advent, good luck with your studies and, please, work on that depression.

You're young, you're a Christian. Have no fear!

Take care.
Bye mith! Take care. We'll miss you!
See you later!
Come back soon.
Take care, Dylan! See you when you return. Smile

bye Mith!  Take care.

Smile Pray
See you soon, Mith! Take care and return soon
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