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Full Version: New film: The Greatest Miracle (on the Mass etc)
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The Greatest Miracle
The Greatest Miracle is a contemporary story of hope, inspiration and faith. The film follows three Catholics who have each reached a period of crisis. The first, Monica, is a widowed mother doing everything possible to provide for her son, Diego. The second, Don Chema, is a public bus driver who receives the news that his child is ill and without hope of survival. The third, Doña Cata, is an elderly woman who feels she has little left to live for.

    These stories intertwine when Monica, Don Chema and Doña Cata feel a great need to visit their local parish. They have no idea that their lives are about to change forever. With the help of their guardian angels, each will witness the true meaning of the Mass and the supernatural forces behind Christ's sacrifice on the altar - a constant struggle between good and evil ending in a triumphant victory of Faith.

Beginning Dec. 9 The Greatest Miracle will be playing in these cities:

Glendale, AZ (AMC Westgate 20)
Mesa, AZ (AMC Mesa Grande 24)
Phoenix, AZ (AMC Arizona Center 24)
Tuscon, AZ (AMC Foothill Mall 15)   
              (Cinemark Tuscon Park Place 20)
Yuma, AZ (Harkins Palms 14)
Atascadero, CA (Galaxy Atascadero 8)
Brentwood, CA (Rave Brentwood 14)
Chula Vista, CA (AMC Otay Ranch 12)
Fresno, CA (Regal Fresno Stadium 21)
Los Angeles, CA (Rave 18 The Bridge)
                    (Rave Baldwin Hills 15)
Manteca, CA (AMC Showplace 16 Manteca)
Porterville, CA (Galaxy Porterville 9)
Riverbank, CA (Galaxy Riverbank 14)
Sacramento, CA (Cinemark Greenback 16)
Salinas, CA (Maya Cinema 14)
San Diego, CA (AMC Palm Promenade 24)
San Francisco, CA (AMC Eastridge 15)
Santa Clara, CA (AMC Mercado 20)
Tulare, CA (Galaxy Tulare 10)
Denver, CO (Harkins Northfield 18)
Westminster, CO (AMC Westminister 24)
Aventura, FL (AMC Aventura Mall 24)
Jacksonville, FL (AMC Regency 20 Brandon)
Miami, FL (Cobb Dolphin 24)
              (AMC Mall of Americas 14)
              (AMC Sunset Place 24)
Oldsmar, FL (AMC Woodlands Square 20)
Pensacola, FL (Rave Pensacola 18)
Tampa, FL (AMC Veterans 24)
Atlanta, GA (Regal Atlantic Station 16)
                (Regal Hollywood Stadium 24)
Chicago, IL (AMC Ford City)
                (AMC North)
              (Cinemark Melrose Park)
Indianapolis, IN (AMC Showplace 17)
Plainfield, IN (Rave Metropolis 18)
Boston, MA (AMC Boston Commons 19)
Springfield, MA (Rave Eastfield 16)
Minneapolis, MN (AMC Block Stadium 15)
                    (AMC Showplace 16 Inver Grove)
Kansas City, MO (AMC Studio 30)
Las Vegas, NV (Galaxy Cannery)
                  (Rave Town Center 18)
                  (Cinemark Sams Town 18)
Elizabeth, NJ (AMC Jersey Gardens 20)
Hamilton, NJ (AMC Hamilton 24)
Voorhees, NJ (Rave Ritz Center 16)
Bronx, NY (AMC Bay Plaza 13)
Brooklyn, NY (Regal Sheepshead Bay 14)
New York City, NY (AMC Empire 25)
Westchester, OH (Rave West)
Center Valley, PA (Rave Promenade 16)
Philadelphia, PA (Regal Riverview Plaza 17)
Pittsburgh, PA (Waterworks Cinemas)
Tarentum, PA (Cinemark Galleria at the Mills)
Brownsville, TX (Cinemark 16)
Corpus Christie, TX (Cinemark Century 16)
Dallas, TX (Cinemark West Plano 20)
El Paso, TX (Cinemark Tinseltown 20)
                (Cinemark Cielo Vista)
Ft. Worth, TX (Rave Ridgemar 13)
Harlingen, TX (Cinemark at Harlingen)
Hickory Creek, TX (Rave Hickory Creek 16)
Houston, TX (AMC Gulfpoint 30)
                (Rave Yorktown 15)
                (AMC Studio 30)
                (AMC Willowbrook 24)
Humble, TX (AMC Deerbrook 24)
Hurst, TX (Rave North East Mall 18)
Laredo, TX (Cinemark Movies 12)
              (Cinemark Mall Del Norte)
Mesquite, TX (AMC Mesquite 30)
San Antonio, TX (Regal Alamo Quarry Stadium 16)
                      (AMC River Center 9)
Fairfax, VA (Rave Fairfax Corner 14)
Arlington, VA (AMC Courthouse Plaza 8)
Gaithersburg, DC (AMC Rio 18 Gaithersburg)
Woodbridge, DC (AMC Potomac Mills 18)
Will this film be playing in North Carolina?
The synopsis sounded Ok enough but the trailer looks awful. It's animated. Plus, Novus Ordo. CG Novus Ordo.
Oh its animated.
Forget it.