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Full Version: Mass for Bicentennial of Latin American Independence... at St Peters
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Sigh. Did +Mahoney get Guido Marini's job as MC? This is everything that is wrong with the Novus ordo. We don't have a mass for American independence. No chant, creole bands jamming out, B16 on the mini parade float thing. This looks like it could be a circa 1990's mass without BJP2 or Marini present. I'm sure the neo-Caths will be out somewhere praising this as ethnic inculturation allowed by Vatican II and condemning my radical tradiness. Now I know why I go to the TLM. You can't insert secular ethnic bands into that mass or 500 options to create your own version.
Granted, Our Lady of Guadlupe was front and center, but the mass didn't seem to be about her.
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Quote:B16 on the mini parade float thing.

Our Holy Father is now using that for his health.