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Full Version: Pocket-Sized Latin Vulgate Bible?
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       Do any of you know where a pocket-sized Latin Vulgate Bible can be brought from? How about just a New Testament? Any links? Anyone here willing to part with a copy of their own? Thank-you.
I got mine from the American Classics League. It is the Clementine Vulgate and has both the Vulgate and the New Latin Psalter (approved as optional by Pope Pius XII) in parallel columns. It is a hardcover volume and about 8 by 5 inches.
Here is a link directly to the book
Hope this helps.
-- Glastonbury
Though the site give no pictures, I believe that the book you mention is sitting to my left :-) . Thanks though. Dose it have a green cover?  Is there anything smaller, along the lines of those little KJV Bibles the Gideons are always handing out?
Try Loome's Theological Booksellers:
Twenty bucks. Paperback.
The hardback edition is $30.

Hey Vox thanks for the title. I am honored to be named after that great Cretan artist who lived and died in Spain.