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Full Version: American Life League attacked by bishops / Mnsgrs of the CCHD
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December 7, 2011
Dear Fellow Concerned Catholic:
A committee of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a statement saying, “Judie Brown and the American Life League continue to unjustly ‘attack’ the CCHD, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.” A monsignor in Chicago referred to me as, “the great deceiver, divider, and the devil.” Another bishop claimed that Michael Hichborn and I are not charitable.
CCHD leaders had personally threatened that if we reported that the $1.8 million that Catholics donated to help the poor was actually granted to groups that directly support or belong to coalitions that promote abortion, contraception, Marxism, and homosexuality, it would be “considered” a direct "attack on bishops" and the USCCB.
The bureaucratic shadow people who tried to intimidate ALL by claiming they speak for all bishops never knew that our Defend the Faith staff was already flying around the country meeting privately with concerned bishops. Our team was even at the hotel in Baltimore where the USCCB annual conference was held and was invited to visit more bishops to discuss the misuse of CCHD funds.
On behalf of good Catholics who give in good faith, we are happy to report that the attempts to distort and dismiss the findings in our fact-based report to the bishops and to faithful Catholics failed!
While CCHD continued to issue blanket denials, groups our report identified were later publically disqualified or removed from funding!
ALL received thanks from bishops, priests, and pew sitters from across the nation.
One priest wrote: “I was SHOCKED!! A representative of CCHD contacted me. Knowing Judie Brown and ALL I was shocked by the response. You can see the results of my research yielded the same results.”
A concerned Catholic wrote: “Thank you so much for the effort. . . . Your report really helped me and a few of my friends start a movement in our diocese to attempt to persuade our bishop to withhold money from the CCHD and to use that money on local anti-poverty charities.”
In fact, by the time of the November 20 collection, over 300 news stories about our 2011 CCHD report reached millions of Catholics (and Catholic leadership). The full report and moral theologian's review was downloaded thousands of times.
The Washington Times carried letters to the editor. Feature stories appeared in LifeSiteNews, Catholic News Service, and Richard Viguerie’s Conservative HQ website. (Mr. Viguerie reportedly also sent over one million e-mails calling for a boycott of CCHD.) Our Reform CCHD Now partners did a great job in helping us spread the word via videos, online articles, and countless blogs.
We are still determining how many dioceses did not take up the CCHD collection this year, but bishops have confided in us that we truly are making a difference, and they asked us to continue our work. That’s right—we are not alone!
We promised confidentiality, but I can tell you this:  The expanded investigation that bishops with whom we are consulting tell us is needed next year is, quite honestly, beyond our financial means. We, therefore, asking for your financial help for the first time.
Will you please make a donation, big or small, so that we may increase this work in 2012?
For the last three years, we have totally funded this Defend the Faith project, but now we need your financial help to keep up the pressure. We cannot allow almost $2 million in Church money intended for the poor to be given to organizations that undermine social justice and Catholic teaching.
Will you consider making a donation today?  Any gift of any size will help and be greatly appreciated.
We will press on together even further next year, but we cannot do it without you. Your spiritual support, through prayers, and your financial support will help immensely.
May you have a blessed Christmas.
Sincerely yours in the Lord Who IS Life,

Judie Brown, President
American Life League
American Life League, the oldest national Catholic pro-life organization in the United States, was co-founded by Judie Brown in 1979.

Give 'em hell Judy! :duel:

Enough is enough why play footsie with the boys club. Yea, when it comes to money watch them squirm and call their bluff. But watch your back Judy they
don't play fair!