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Full Version: Merry Christmas!
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Or if you're Tesco, "Happy Holidays" :eyeroll:

So I just want to say Merry Christmas now, because I won't be around the next few days, because I'll be super busy! I know I'm only new, but this forum is actually addicting and I hope I don't have bad withdrawal symptoms.

We all know the TRUE reason of the Season, so I won't rant. Happy Christmas, and God Bless you all!  :pray: :pray2:
Merry Christmas!

No Happy Holidays or Happy Kwanzaa, Ramadan, or Hanukkah. :grin:
Merry Christmas backatcha!

-- and Happy Kwanzaa to the African-American traddies out there. I know the holiday has Commie origins, but God can bring good from bad, and despite its origins, it's good for ethnic groups to celebrate their heritage together. I'm all for it.
Merry Christmas to all!
Feliz Navidad a todos los Fisheaters!
[Image: pesebre1.jpg]
a Happy & Holy Christmas!
Frohe Weihnachten und gute Rutsch ins neues Jahr, Fisheaters.
Merry Christmas!
A safe and Happy Christmas to you all! Will be off-line tonight and tomorrow.

The Holy Family be your strength and light this Christmas season. Alleluia! :)
Haha but Kwanzaa was invented to destroy Christianity in the African American community. They claim that Jesus was a nut and Christianity was a white man's religion. Then they jocked the lighting of the candles from the Jews. So lame.
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