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Full Version: Ukranian Catholic Church
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Merry Christmas to all!

I have been blessed with the good fortune of having three parishes in my immediate neighborhood - and I mean walking distance! The one I grew up in is rather traditional and I do believe they use the TLM from time to time but I have never asked. However they do have the "teen" mass late at night which is incredibly modernist in style what with the born again style band, holding hands during the our father, etc.. I only attended this in my early teens because my mother thought it was relevant.

Another is the one my girlfriend's family grew up in which is very modernist and was actually constructed during VII. I attended here briefly growing up and had my son baptized here out of respect for his mothers wishes. But now this run down synagogue across the street from my friends house has been beautifully renovated into a Ukranian Church. Over the very few years of its existence out has become very vibrant and I was thinking about checking it out this Christmas, among with usual attendance at the other two.

Can anyone who had attended a byzantine rite mass tell me what to expect? I know as much as the usual stuff anyone can find on the internet, including this particular church's page. I don't want to feel more out of my place than I already know I will. Any help is appreciated. God bless!
First of all, don't worry about looking 'odd'! E.g., we cross ourselves 'backwards', but I've never seen anyone stare at a Latin friend attending DL with me anymore than I've been stared at when I attend a Latin Mass. Just grab a missal (they probably will be in the pews). If the Liturgy is in Ukrainian, just enjoy the music. If it's in English, try to sing along. The response melodies are simple and easy to pick up.

As people enter, they will often bow to and kiss the Ikon of the Feast which will probably be in the entry way. Holy Communion will be given by intinction with a spoon. Just tip your head back a bit and open your mouth wide. At the end of the Liturgy, the antidoron will probably be distributed. Even if you haven't received Holy Communion, feel free. It is only blessed bread and anyone can take it. The Priest may be holding a crucifix as you approach the antidoron. It is customary to kiss the Crucifix and many people will kiss the Priest's anointed hand as well.
I am cantor at a Ukrainian Church. I am not Ukrainian ethnically but I am baptised eastern rite. The Ukrainians can be stand offish and suspicious of new comers, but that is due to the fact that many of them still remember the soviet control and attempted extermination of them. But the Church I attend actually was very inviting. So it goes either way. Also the Churches tend to fall into two camps english speaking and ukrainian speaking or both. The Priest that is with our parish (english) also has another parish where the whole liturgy is completely in ukrainian. So you might find yourself not understanding the language. But its still the Divine Liturgy of ST John Chrysostom. If they have a chior they will sing the whole Liturgy in a responsorial fashion. If not they may just "speak " the whole thing responsorial.  Expect however, reverence, respect and true catholic devotion.  They are more receptive to Rome then my fellow byzantines, who tend to wander into the schismatic orthodox if not outright follow.