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Full Version: Keeping Faith this Christmas
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Good evening everyone,

I wanted to take the chance to mention quickly that amid our wonderful and often spirited discussions, we should always keep site of what it is we are trying to achieve.  Our salvation and the salvation of as many souls as possible is the goal, and though it is easy to develop an acrimonious and gloomy perspective on just about everything, we have to remember that we have our lives ahead of us here and then after, our true lives.

While I am not suggesting a 'throwing open of the windows' to let in the air of the world, we should where we can appreciate God's gifts that are still all around us.  I like to imagine all of the ants in their burrows, watch the squirrels play, and admire the elaborate and unending patterns in the trees and then consider the wonder that God made.

The world was worthy of Redemption: For God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son. 

This week, I've began to more publicly make clear my Faith, charitably correct those in my sphere of influence, and I know that the enemy is responding.  Consider the desolation we are in as the Lord showing us that we have the beautiful opportunity to act as His vessels and though many will reject us, we need to move forward and never feel alone because we always have our Guardian Angels and of course Our Lord and Lady.

Starting here, I will strive to be more charitable and remember to keep in mind the wonder of true life in salvation, despite whatever the state of the world might be.

Merry Christmas everyone!
Merry Christmas to you, too! Ad majorem Dei gloriam!

May God love you and keep you forever close to His most Sacred Heart.

Pax tecum!

May the glorious, majestic, and infinitely sweet Holy Name of Jesus, our Child Saviour, be magnified by every tongue on Earth, now and in all the ages to come... :)

What humility of the Divine Word! Let us imitate Him!