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Full Version: Has anyone actually met Fr. Gruner?
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I just received the 100th Commemorative Issue of the Fatima Crusader and I have mixed feelings about what I've read so far. I hate to sound uncharitable towards a priest, but some of the language he uses, and the manner in which he uses it, could turn people away. For example, he says "Worse still, their ignorance and stupidity will cause many other people to not obey (page 6). Just think that he could have chosen another word there...

Anyways, I was just wondering if anyone has met him and could give me some info before I send him some money. I think he's got a great mission but I also get the impression that he's very bitter.
I know someone who met him at the Angelus Press conference in '09.
Few priests on earth love Her more than Father Gruner. He works very hard for Her.
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I saw him at the Catholic Family News conference back about twelve years ago or so, but I don't recall talking to him.  My family talked more to Fr. Hess, who was also there.
Was privileged to have lunch with him at the Catholic Voice International Conference in '90 or '91. I found him to be a sincere, devout and humble priest who loves Our Lady devotedly. Full disclosure--I mailed off a donation this evening.
I've had my own reservations about the organization myself. I just don't like how "fundraising"-ish they are. With that said, Fr Gruner's been to my church numerous times. He is a simple Canadian priest. He is devoutly in love with our Lady, and it is guaranteed he will cry during a sermon on these topics. He's not a fire-brand for its own sake. He states things very simply, but he doesn't mind pointing out that someone is being stupid, for instance. Who knows if he regretted using those words. He's been at this for thirty years now, and his position is that things are very dire as we stand. When a house is on fire you may have harsh words for the people sitting in the living room with flames at their feet not recognizing the dire position they're in.
'll say it again, Father Grunner is not the problem in the church. In fact he just tries to point to the solution, conscrecating Russia and revealing the ENTIRE 3rd secret. Father Grunner does not preach or spread heresy, does not committ sexual scandals. Let's wory more about the really BAD priests who do those things and less about Father Grunner annoying Vaticanistas who he continually reminds to do as Our Lady asked more than 50 plus years ago.
(01-03-2012, 09:56 AM)Scriptorium Wrote: [ -> ]When a house is on fire you may have harsh words for the people sitting in the living room with flames at their feet not recognizing the dire position they're in.

I think this is very true.
I have. He's a simple, normal, humorous, good priest. His writers must be er, not he. Nor the fundraising script-ors.
I've met him several times over the years, and have been familiar with his work too.  I count him & his apostolate as partly responsible for my return to Tradition.  I think very highly of him, and he seems very sincere, devout, selfless etc... He has never come across to me as the least bit bitter.  Far from it, in fact. 
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