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Full Version: Lucifer's Lodge?
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Has anyone read this book?

The author was apparently a friend of Fr. Malachi Martin's and it discusses the homosexual priest problem. He also claims that priests were conducting satanic rituals.

Basically, I'm looking for good books on the homosexual problem, and if there's a trustworthy book about satanism in the Catholic Church, I'd like to read about that too.

Edit: You can download this book for free from LuLu:
"Good Bye Good men" by Michael Rose

I haven't read this one but I intend to.  The author's premise is that a lack of asceticism among priests is one of the causes of the sex scandals. 
(01-13-2012, 09:44 AM)Habitual_Ritual Wrote: [ -> ]"Good Bye Good men" by Michael Rose

Thanks. I just ordered the book.
Give us a full report when you've concluded.
Ooo, looks heavy and depressing. Let the buyer beware, I'm assuming....
And maybe caveat emptor on the review as well.
I mean if you're looking for a good book about scary stuff, Hostage to the devil by Malachi Martin is really good.
Damooster, have you started reading this yet?
"Good Bye Good Men" was excellent. Rose contends that the seminaries in the US are weeding out conservative and heterosexual men and encouraging homosexuals.....the Lavender Mafia. I don't know how
much of  this is true never having been in a seminary.
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