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Full Version: Masculinity in the Church
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Here is the link to the conference in "Testosterone Central."
here here!
This is the parish Kayla and I attend the latin mass at.  That is our parish basement.  And you can see what happened when Voris said Minneapolis- yes, we are in St.  Paul.  He's lucky he got out of there alive.
Women outnumber men in church in every age group except for the hot 20-somethings, of course. LOL.

Not a big Voris fan, but I've been saying this for years. Old women rule the Church, and to be frank, it seems to have been this way since even before the Council. Restore the minor orders! Restore all-male choirs!
It's no shocker that so many young men are defecting to the Latin Mass, the Eastern Catholics, or even the Orthodox... it is our own recourse to avoid the sheer femininity of the West. We must run into our little conclaves and hope the witch-hunting women (irony) don't come and try to blast us out with some lawsuit or quasi-legal episcopal hammer. All that can be done is run away into our caves and underground crypts, and have the men learn Gregorian Chant.

At the local N.O. Mass once every month, a schola sings the 1969 Introit, Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Agnus Dei, Communion, and usually a Salve Regina for the exit-procession. The choir is entirely male (except for the leader's perplexing choice to allow his new wife up in the loft), and every single time I've been there for that Mass, all the young university men are there. If it wasn't for the chant and thus the men, the place would be deserted. We know what serves the male soul, so let's do it.
I started to watch Mr. Voris' presentation to this group, but time ran out and had to leave. It is over an hour. Wanted to watch it with my sons last night.

Now it is currently unavailable. Anyone know if you need a premium subscription to view it? Or if it is currently available on his paid site?

Strange that it was available for such a short time. Perhaps they wanted to do some further editing.